Kitchen wall cladding. 3 styles to impress.

Kitchen wall cladding. 3 styles to impress.



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Kitchen wall cladding. 3 styles to impress.

Choose the style of your kitchen with ceramics as the protagonist.

If there is one place in the house where ceramics are essential, it is in the kitchen wall tiles. But in ceramics we find an endless number of options with different materials and styles. Today we bring you our top 3 kitchen wall tiles. Take note!

Kitchen cladding, do you know its advantages?

When you choose kitchen cladding, you think of all the technical advantages it offers. It is resistant, easy to maintain and hygienic. If you want to know more about the advantages of ceramics, we encourage you to read our post all the advantages of ceramics in times of COVID-19. "todas las ventajas de la cerámica en tiempos de COVID-19"

Aunque nosotros hoy venimos a hablar de estilo y decoración. Porque la cerámica es mucho más que resistencia y altas prestaciones técnicas. La cerámica es tendencia en proyectos de interiorismo y nosotros queremos darte las claves para elegir un revestimiento con estilo para cocinas.

Kitchen wall and floor tiles with a discreet style. 

If when you imagine the cladding and flooring for your kitchen, you think of something discreet that conveys a sense of calm, cleanliness or order, we recommend Heritage Collection in 75x150 ash colour. A collection inspired by limestone. You will love its matt finish and pleasant feel. With discreet graphics and little toning between pieces, choose Heritage if you are looking for a space full of peace.Revestimiento para cocina de estilo discreto.

There is an increasing number of homes with an "Open Concept" or open space, where the kitchen and living room are combined into one. In these homes, the designer must choose the kitchen cladding, taking into account whether the kitchen will become the centre of attention or whether it will be a secondary area.

Kitchen wall cladding with a bold style.

Those who like to set trends find in the kitchen a canvas on which to express their personality. The kitchen comes to life through the contrast of colours and materials. We have chosen this ambience from the Amura Nature 22,5x90 collection and its Cold Decor in 22,5x90. The porcelain wood is the common thread in the flooring of the flat and so is the contrast between different shades of wood and the decorated porcelain which determine the attractiveness of the space.Revestimiento para cocina de estilo atrevido.

Y es que el estilo madera está triunfando en diseño de interiores. Las posibilidades creativas son infinitas, pues las diferentes tonalidades combinadas con elementos en diferentes estilos, son los que definirán la estética del proyecto. 

Cladding for contemporary style kitchens.

However, if there is one style that has been defined as the most coveted, it is the duo: marble - wood. In this kitchen with our Calacatta collection in 100x100cm polished, the powerful purity of marble captures all the attention. A kitchen that you want to enjoy, full of light, life and illusion.

And you, what style are you looking for for your kitchen cladding? We leave you some more kitchen environments, for more inspiration. But remember that you can see our collections on our  pinterest page.