Who we are

Aulev grupo

If the Azulev Group has become a world reference in the ceramic industry is for having done around a very clear idea: to improve the lives of people and their environment.

We are known for giving personalized and careful attention to our customers and to establish in our midst a constant improvement of production processes primarily focused on protecting the environment, something that we have grown deep inside. It is therefore no coincidence that we are one of the few companies in the sector awarded the DAP called "Declaration Environmental Product".

Our group stands on four banners bearing the product of ceramic to levels unmatched quality. Are our own internationally recognized brands: Azulev, XLAM, Sanchís and Bath. All of them grant a different meaning to the ceramics of the century.

  • Design
  • Production
  • Innovation
  • Service


With the entrepreneurial spirit that has always characterised us, we have developed the ceramic product in both how it is manufactured and in the aspect that most sets it apart: its Design.

Azulev Grupo, in its desire to innovate, always seeks to satisfy the demand for products with high levels of technical and aesthetic quality. The designs in the range allow creating all types of rooms with personality and their own style.


Azulev Grupo’s production plants have the latest technology to be able to respond effectively to our customers.

We are pioneers in the use of the latest digital technology, since we collaborate actively with injection machinery companies. We are always willing to innovate.


The Marketing Department of Azulev Grupo, in collaboration with the Product and R+D Department monitor the market situation.

The demands of the market are studied and later turned into production lines, innovating, controlling their development over the course of time and their acceptance in the market.


Service and personalised attention to our customers are two of the pillars on which our business policy is based

The result of combining efforts is: constant improvement in technical and aesthetic quality, in our image, service and post-sale service, which, together, give us an overall company concept of quality.

Our history


Year of Foundation

Azulev is founded as a Traditional Ceramic Activity company


La Compañía Valenciana de Cementos buys Azulev

CVCP converts the company to an Industrial Company


Azulev begins Exporting

It thus becomes a pioneering company in the Exportation of Tiles


We begin important Sporting Activities

Azulev participates as a team in the Paris-Dakar and in the 6th King’s Cup Sailing Regatta


DIAZMA (Distribuidora Azulev Madrid) is founded

A national controlling warehouse is created to be close to and serve the market


A Venture Capital Fund joins the Company

The Directors of Azulev stage a Management Buy Out, allowing the Fund to come on board


A new Production Plant in Onda begins work

With cutting-edge Technology, a new era of Production in which we begin to manufacture Porcelain Stoneware


A second Venture Capital Fund joins the Company

The purpose is to undertake an important investment plan to increase the Quality and the Productive Capacity


Grupeme is acquired; a Marketing Company in Barcelona

A leading company in the Distribution of Construction Material in the metropolitan area.


A new Factory is acquired: Sanchis

A long-standing and important ceramics company located in Alcora


The Covered Logistical Centre is extended

The installations adjacent to the Onda Plant are acquired


The Brand BATH THE SOLID SURFACE is created

We begin a new Business Line in the Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment Sector


Azulev grupo
Quality and Environment

Azulev’s commitment to the environment has become one of the marks of our identity. For this, we have been given awards and become certified on numerous occasions by internationally recognised Quality Accreditation entities.