DIY is in fashion

DIY is in fashion



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DIY, or ‘Do It Yourself’, is the art of creating with our own hands, reusing materials or recycling other products. In its essence, it is an ecological trend that favours the environment.

In recent years, this trend has been gaining followers until become a fashion nowadays. In addition, Internet has helped positively to the growth of DIY, due to it gives us the opportunity to share our creations, which can inspire others at the same time.

‘Do It Yourself’ art is good to reinforce creativity of people, who can transform an old piece of furniture to another completely renovated, giving it a coat of paint or just a different use. It is a way to be self-sufficient and enjoy leisure time. That is, a form of expression that produces a grade of personal satisfaction.

From Azulev Grupo, we motivate you to follow DIY fashion to create your own atmospheres and decorate your house as you want:

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