Azulev Grupo has obtained the ETA (European Technical Assessment) for KERFLOAT, the floating paving kit installed dry with prefabricated and tongue and groove ceramic pieces of varnished earthenware porcelain and elastomeric sheets. It may be applied on internal paving with residential and commercial traffic.



The product SLIM is a piece of earthenware porcelain 5 mm thick. This product is the result obtained after making important technological advances and innovation in raw materials. Having half the weight of conventional pieces, SLIM is a product that is easily handled, light, ecological and very easy to lay on any pre-existing cladding or paving and which therefore avoids their being removed and cleared.

Advantages for the environment:

50% reduction in water consumption during the manufacturing process.

Reduction of between 30% and 50% in atmospheric emissions of combustion gases. Carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Reduction in CO and CO2 emissions due to transport.

Significant reduction in atmospheric emission of fluoride compounds (HF) in oven. Lesser environmental impact, minimising the effect of “acid rain”.

Minimisation of the consumption of raw materials and of the generation of waste products during the manufacturing process and in the execution of the work by the end user.

Advantages for the economy:

It recoats the existing cladding without the need to clear, reducing the duration of the refurbishment.

It has all the technical advantages of the thicker Porcelain: zero water absorption, resistance to wear, resistance to stains, etc...

It is easy to cut, drill and handle (50% thinner).

It avoids the clear-up costs, as well as reducing waste in cities.

Advantages for the distributor / seller:

“50% less warehouse use, which entails twice as much stock.

50% reduction in transport costs by allowing a double load.

50% improvement in resources by being able to handle twice the load with the same resources.”

Ventilated façade

Kaikaku is a construction system based on different blocks of extruded ceramics with technical qualities that allow for the development of a construction model in which the economy and energy efficiency are prioritised through its ventilated façade and its low thermal transmittance.