5 decors with reliefs

5 decors with reliefs



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Ceramic reliefs are an original way of decorating walls and provide a touch of personality to the rooms. For this reason, in Azulev Grupo, we are presenting some novelties in decorating with reliefs. A sure hit to get a breakthrough and unusual decorating style!

Idole Sanchis

1) Pentagon relief, formed by different forms of joined pentagons with a dimensional effect, is one of the latest options designed for aimed at urban premises that are part of modern architecture. Perfect for capturing the attention of all eyes!

Basalt Azulev

2) Hexagon, with a very natural texture, mixes hexagons with three heights and three different textures, creating sensation of 3D effect. This decoration adds character to any room in which you want to install.

Neutral Sanchis

3) Triangulum relief, made up of triangles joined in pairs which recall pyramids, has a stony appearance and, consequently, adds a rustic touch to the rooms. In addition, it can be coordinated with the woods of the format 24x72, to give a distinguished and renewed look to your home.

Ageless Azulev

4) Chanel, with a smooth upper part of the linear relief, of different sizes, and a bas-relief with the structure of the base, has a slight stony texture, thanks to which the naturalness of the whole stands out. An excellent result!

Subtle Sanchis

5) Split relief has little tesseras in colours pearl and ivory, perfect to combine with series of shiny finish. This is an elegant way to add detail to the decor of your home so that it's attractive and special.

Definetly, because of its quality, strength and style, ceramics are, today, an ideal option for coating the walls of any room. Have you already decided which of these 5 decors with reliefs you would choose?