Discover the new decoration trends for 2019

Discover the new decoration trends for 2019



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We would like to show you what are the new  decoration trends in 2019. We  also show you in this post the influencers that stand out on Instagram with profiles dedicated to the world of decoration and have a greater number of followers. 

Whether you move to a new house and have to decorate it from scratch or simply because you are bored to see the same decoration and want to give it a new touch, we detail some of the decorative proposals that have been imposed or are going to be imposed as a trend for 2019.

10 decoration tips to inspire you

Take note of the decorative guidelines, which we propose below, to beautify your home and be at the forefront.

1. Bet completely on the Lagom concept

This Swedish concept is sweeping everything decorative. It is a question of betting on a balanced decoration, as it is used to say, "in the middle is the virtue". Neither houses overloaded with figures, souvenirs and photographs, the only thing they achieve is a sensation of claustrophobia, nor the purest minimalism.

Sanchis Hydraulic Grey Collection

This Lagom concept is characterized by discarding what is really not needed, and betting on things that are functional, especially those that make us happy.

2. Betting on the combination of floors in the same space

It is a trend for this coming year to mix different models of soil in order to separate a little each area, even if everything is the same. There is a very illustrative example that will help you to see it clearly: if you have decided to unify the kitchen with the dining room, to differentiate these two zones, you can place two types of floor.

Para ello, puedes escoger un suelo de madera porcelánica para la zona de paso, y un suelo con motivos hidráulicos, más alegres y divertidos en la cocina. 

As we can see in these two environments created with the Oldker collection of our Sanchis brand, the hydraulic tiles provide colourful and eye-catching contemporary spaces. 

Hydraulic tiles, besides being a trend, serve to break the monotony of our floors and create different environments within the same space. 

Without a doubt, the type of floor that will always be a trend, and that you never tire of seeing, since it confers great elegance and style, as well as contributing to the revaluation of a house is the parquet. However, parquet styles change as consumer tastes change. 

If we want to join the parquet fashion, the best option is to choose a porcelain parquet because it offers the aesthetics of natural wood and the benefits of porcelain flooring. Among many other advantages of porcelain parquet we can highlight, for example, the low maintenance required, its non-slip qualities, high resistance to wear and tear, as well as the wide possibilities of customization it offers. 

Also, geometric figures made of parquet flooring are once again in fashion, especially for more rural and rustic estates.

Lately, in the new tendencies, the parquet for exterior is more and more used. If it is your strongest proposal for the exterior, make sure it is treated wood for this purpose. Remember that the autoclave is the most demanded. Although, as I said, porcelain parquet is the best, both for interiors and exteriors, because it is resistant to humidity, weather and, in short, to any type of weather. It is also non-slip.

All the porcelain woods in our Wood Emotions collection by Azulev are uniquely beautiful. Here you will find a series of porcelain woods with non-slip finishes that make them the most suitable choice for indoor and outdoor use, such as the Autumn series, which can be seen in the photo. 


Another safe bet for the exterior, especially for the pool area are the synthetic platforms. They are the most recurrent, as they require very little maintenance, being very easy to clean and install. 

Although the best option for the pool area, in addition to our wooden tiles, are our outdoor porcelain. Azulev has an extensive catalogue of porcelain tile collections designed for indoor and outdoor use, such as the Brooklyn series, which is especially recommended for creating modern and elegant outdoor environments.  

Brooklyn is a fusion of cement, stone and cotto. The anti-slip finish of the Brooklyn collection makes it the ideal flooring for gardens, terraces and the pool area, as we can see in the image above. 

In addition, it is also suitable for paving high-traffic outdoor spaces.

The popularity of vintage and tiles does not decline

Evoque white

Another of the most demanded styles when it comes to wooden floors is oak with slight retros or vintage shades. For this reason, its textures based on pickles and patinas, the brushes trying to remove the grain, as well as the effects of a sawtooth trying to imitate as much as possible the parts that seem to wear more. 

Evoque nut

Woods painted in aged white and burned nut are the customers' favourite. Another of their characteristics is that they are very versatile, since they can be installed in houses or establishments with a rustic appearance as well as in urban areas. 

Azulev's Evoque collection is a clear example of the trend towards pickled wood, both in white and aged as well as in nut, burned and treated. Evoque is a collection specially designed to give a vintage air to rustic houses as well as apartments and villas with an urban design. 

If your preference is more for floors with an aesthetic appearance of ceramic, in this section you currently have many designs and styles. 

In terms of design and decoration, currently large tile companies such as ours, we have made a breakthrough in technology by being able to place the same tile on both the walls and the floor. This option is a highly valued decoration trend among experts in the field.

A clear example of this trend is our brand XLAM, whose collections of large-format porcelain sheets are designed to allow placement both in walls and floors. 

In addition to large porcelain formats, XLAM is extra-thin ceramic, with pieces in 6mm and 10mm thickness, which allows over-tiling and provides spectacular results both in reforms and in new construction projects. 

Ageless and Vulcan by XLAM

Do you know that the style of the modernist houses of the beginning of the 20th century is being imposed again? The ideal option to achieve this is the use of hydraulic tiles. In this sense, those that are setting the trend are those that contain geometric, floral, and Mudejar shapes. They are highly resistant and incredibly versatile, because they can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Sanchis Hydraulic Pearl Collection

Marble pieces are going to be one of the most avant-garde bets for 2019. This natural stone is going to become the protagonist of the walls, the floor, the kitchen worktops, the covering of the bathrooms, and even as decorative pieces containing figures or candleholders. If you trust in marble you will achieve a considerable point of sophistication in your home.

Calacatta collection by Azulev

3. Don't be afraid to mix textures

Choose all the fabrics you can think of and mix them in the way you like.

Wool, cotton, leather... combine them, for example, with cushions, blankets, carpets, and even squares. In this way, you will sublimate harmony while creating a more stylish and modern home.

Genuine by Wood Emotions

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4. Recycle, recycle and recycle

Not only because of the savings in terms of the acquisition of decorative elements, but also because you are collaborating in the respect for the environment. In addition, you will feel very proud when you see a decorative piece made by yourself, without forgetting the personalization and exclusivity with which you will beautify your home.

In the different social networks you can find countless DIY tutorials with multiple ideas. Here are a few ideas: you can turn an old suitcase into a side table by adding a few simple legs. Another interesting idea is, if you are a wine lover, to reuse the boxes by varnishing them or even painting them and placing them as an entrance piece of furniture, simulating a few bars or the typical box to hang the keys.

5. Geometric shapes are on the rise

This decorative style has been worn for some time. However, there is every indication that it will remain with us for some time to come. You'll find it on the floor, as mentioned earlier, for kitchen tiles or for the bathroom. You can even opt for a monochromatic room. For example, the whole kitchen, both walls and floors, in white and complement it with tiles that contain geometric shapes.

Onice collection by Azulev

For the rest rooms, be it the living room or the bedrooms, you can choose bedside tables, shelves or lamps connected to metal structures and which in turn contain geometric drawings.

Colección Heritage by Azulev

6. Join the black in the kitchens

Due to the Nordic influence, black has become the fashionable colour for kitchens. In addition, in its most monochromatic version it is present not only in the worktops, but also in the kitchen.

Delice collection by Azulev

It is advisable to combine them with pine coloured pieces to provide greater luminosity.

7. Don't forget the green in your house

It is not a question of painting all the walls in green simulating a safari. This trend refers more to the need to place plants in your home. You can select natural plants, which will undoubtedly bring freshness to your home, or you can dare to place on a wall a wallpaper that includes drawings of plants. Cactus is the trend this season.

Brooklyn collection by Azulev

8. Join the retro fashion

As already mentioned, retro or vintage is in fashion. Therefore, another classic that returns to our lives is the combination of marble and gold. Dress up your living room with side tables made from this combination, waitresses and carts to have all your drinks available, or even the dining table. If what you want is to give your house an aspect of nobility and distinction, do not hesitate to acquire elements that second this combination.

Crossline by Azulev

9. Give light to your home

Lighting, at a decorative level, is one of the key pieces of a house. You can decorate the living room in a careful way, combining different elements so that they create harmony, but if you don't succeed with the lighting your efforts will be disrupted. However, we are lucky, given that the trend in lighting revolves around lamps and transparent glass fixtures.

In fact, the aim is to make the bulb visible. An original and very versatile bet, since it does not disenchant in a home with a classic decoration nor in one with a more avant-garde style.

10. Shower surrounded by tiles

Covering the shower completely, from top to bottom, with tiles is the new trend that does not stop gaining followers. Choose small tiles or mosaics for the purpose of preserving your safety and preventing slips or falls. You will add character and personality to your bathroom.

If you make the decision to set up a bench to sit in the shower, it's preferable to opt for large tile.

Iceberg collection by Azulev

We have given a review by the most outstanding tendencies of decoration for this 2019. We hope you liked them and that they will serve as a guide when decorating your home. However, remember that each person has a unique style and their home should reflect it.


Interior decorators and designers with more followers on Instagram


If you are interested in the world of decoration, surely you have ever wondered what are the decorators, interior designers, interior designers with more followers on Instagram.


Discover the 88 decoration influencers with the most Instagram followers


Here we present some of the Instagram accounts of bloggers, influencers, decorators, interior designers, interior designers, specialized decoration magazines and brands with more followers on Instagram.

Topping the list is a Spanish account with two million followers.

List of bloggers, decorators and interior designers with more followers on Instagram



The Interior Desing profile has 2 million followers. In this account you will find interior and dream images that you will love. 


The Best Decoration has a 1,100,000 followers on Instagram belongs to a Colombian decoration company.


Facades of spectacular houses and landscapes characterize this unique profile of Instagram that wants to show us the luxury in architecture and decoration. The profile has 1,800,000 followers.

The firm that is behind this profile is Luxury Real Estate & Design , a group made up of real estate agents, architects, interior designers. If you want, you can also follow its founder in this account: @KambizAhmadi 


In its bio it is described as a magazine for interior designers and in its profile we find some very beautiful photographs and environments with different styles of decoration. It has 1,500,000 followers


It also has a great pull among instagramers, specifically 1,800,000 followers, this profile is defined as the definitive source of everything related to interior design. The profile belongs to the magazine

@ iris.apfel

It is not that the Instagram account is full of decoration images, rather it is focused on fashion, but, as in her Instagram biography she defines herself as an interior designer and fashion designer, we could not stop mentioning this nonagenarian New Yorker model. that has become an icon on Instagram. At 97 years old, Iris Apfel continues to set style and that deserves recognition. Iris has 1,300,000 followers.


Another influencer, this time of Arab origin, which has more than one million followers (1,200,000) and is defined as an interior designer is Mina.


This California influencer has a website dedicated to fashion and decoration. With his Instagram profile with attractive and careful decoration and architecture environments, Becki has conquered the hearts of more than 900,000 people passionate about interior decoration. 


This gallery of art from Amsterdam offers us in its profile environments with a careful design and an elegant decoration. Despite not having many publications, it already has more than 850,000 followers.


It is also interesting to visit the profile of interior designer and blogger Amber Lewis . It has 700,000 followers.


The English edition of ELLE magazine dedicated to decoration has more than 620,000 followers worldwide. 

@ ev.dekor.duzen

In this profile of Instragram, with more than 660,000 followers, you will find all kinds of trends in decoration.


Although this Instagram profile only shows wardrobe models, it has 602,000 followers.




This attractive interior designer combines in his Instagram profile decoration images with others of his personal and family life. It seems that Nate Berkus the formula has not gone badly because it already has 630,000 followers.


That same strategy uses Roxy Sowlaty , interior designer, in her Instagram profile that already has more than 440,000 followers.


This Brazilian blogger also combines images of her personal life with others related to her work as an interior designer. It has 420,000 followers.


Blogger and owner of the store @thefoundcottage, dedicates this instagram profile to show decorating images with a marked rustic style. 350 instagramers follow it.


The more than 300,000 followers of this account can see the day to day of this interior designer who offers his services from this web:


Highly recommended is the profile of this interior designer for the quality of his images and the attractive proposals for interior design and decoration objects, as well as for the quality and photographic originality with which he tackles the different themes. Sarah Sherman Samuelalready has 235,000 followers.

@ marzena.marideko

The profile of this Polish influencer contains images with very cozy and charming interiors. It has about 400,000 followers.


This profile, with 372,000 followers, combines elements of decoration with the images of some buildings that are examples of avant-garde architecture.


The blogger Melike , based in Berlin, shows us from her Instagram and a well-cared website with the same name. If you like ornate decoration, with many flowers and romantic style, you will love to follow this account. At the moment, Melike has 355,000 followers on Instagram.


The World Of Interiors is an online magazine specializing in English decoration. In this important magazine you will find interesting art and decoration proposals. To date, 340,000 people follow this account on Instagram. 


This is the profile of the Lenya Interiors website . From his profile he shows us kitchens and interiors. This account, whose owners reside in Iraq, has 310,000 followers. 


Careful and full of detail decorations fill this Instagram profile that is about to reach 300,000 followers. 


It belongs to the Turkish ecommerce of the same name. Show on your Instagram profile the decoration products of your online store. 260,000 people follow the news of this online decoration store for their Instagram profile.

@ dekorasyon.ask

260,000 instagramers follow this decoration profile. 


250,000 people follow this Iranian account in which we find fundamentally environments designed with a classic and ornate style from another era, but of great appeal to lovers of vintage style or lovers of classic style.


Environments in which there is no lack of detail in the elements of the decoration, both in furniture and accessories, or lighting with a classic but current style.


This profile, with 220,000 followers, is mainly dedicated to displaying objects designed with metal. However, it also offers images of architectural samples and interiors or decorative objects that are worth seeing.


Chairs, lamps and other decorative elements with great appeal and design make up the images of this Instagram profile, followed by more than 220,000 people. 

@ decor67

Interiors with different styles and very interesting decoration proposals in this profile followed by 210,000 Instagram users.


London interior designer Sophie Paterson also offers us a very interesting Instagram profile with beautiful images, design environments and all kinds of decoration elements. It has 300,000 followers.


Luxury images, parties, fashions, architecture and decoration in the profile of Philipe Marques . 200,000 followers


She also offers us beautiful interior photos of this interior designer through her Instagram profile. 150,000 followers have already succumbed to the charms of this profile. 


This British interior designer born in South Africa, Kelly Hopen , has also managed to make a deserved hole in Instagram and already has 140,000 followers.


These decoration and interior design accounts also triumph on Instagram


  • @ 4decoration. 170,000 followers
  • @ desainrumah 150,000 followers.
  • @realestateausthis 120,000 followers
  • @realestateaus. 120K followers
  • @emelcakin 120K followers.
  • @ameowliazagita 120K followers.
  • @littlegreenepaintcompany 120K It is eco-friendly.
  • @fleux 120K
  • @manzeli_dz 110K
  • @sigbergamin 180K
  • @onepiece_at_a_time_design 170K
  • @thejoshuatreehouse 170K
  • @afmdesign 160K.
  • @marymcdonaldinc. 140K
  • @hauteresidence. 130 K.


The most followed decoration specialists in Instagram by countries

  • @coohuco 140 K. Spain. 
  • @patzhunter 97K. Spain
  • @gretaway 47K. Spain
  • @asa_ingrosso 44K. Spain
  • @anna_kovalchenko 33K. Spain.
  • @dinalsharif 260K. France.
  • @addisonswonderland 130K. France.
  • @styledbyemmahos 100K France.
  • @ninatakesh 80K France.
  • @ timmy727 91K. Germany.
  • @sarah_cocolapine 82K. Germany.
  • @mika_it 340K. Russia.
  • @ nadyazotova.120K. Russia.
  • @zhenya_zhdanova. 99K. Russia.
  • @misha_des 92K. Russia.
  • @alicedetogni 220K Italy.
  • @annaspiro 68K. Italy.
  • @charlottegiulia 61K. Italy.
  • @ melanie.galea. 46K. Italy.
  • @bruno_carvalho. 37K. Italy. 
  • @absoluteinteriordecor. 75K UK. 
  • @hesellicdesign 74K. UK.
  • @sophierobinsoninteriors. 74K. UK.
  • @atelier_di_spera 71K. UK.
  • @ 161london. 66K. UK.
  • @ 2lgstudio. 57K. UK.
  • @ claire.totman.designs. 50K UK.
  • @oliverthomasesq 50 K. United Kingdom.
  • @white_and_faded 46K. UK.
  • @kylamagrathinteriors. 43K. UK.
  • @kseniaskos 40K. UK.
  • @rsigroup 34K. UK.
  • @alidad_ltd. 32K. UK.
  • @scandinavialist. 32K. UK.


 I hope you enjoyed this post dedicated to decoration trends and influencers of interior design and decoration on Instagram.