SlimRect, the extra-fine ceramics that captivates the contract sector

SlimRect, the extra-fine ceramics that captivates the contract sector



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Azulev SlimRect superfine ceramic wall tiles are increasingly in demand for placement in large spaces, such as public buildings, shopping centers, offices, hotels, restaurants and shops for their strength and durability.


SlimRect is the perfect ally of contract spaces

SlimRect  has unique features that captivate the contract sector. This rectified white porous wall tile lowers the cost of any project due to its thin thickness, 6mm. The minimum thickness of SlimRect reduces the transport and placement costs of the ceramic pieces.

The thin thickness, of only 6mm, provides greater ease in handling due to its lightness, cheaper transport costs, since we can load more pieces in the same space, and decrease in the costs of laying the tiles because it allows over-tiling and no debris necessary.

slimrect extra-fine ceramic contract sector Orbit White 40x120 Slimrect

This lowering of transport and placement costs does not imply any reduction in product quality. The 6mm thickness of the SlimRect tiles produce no impairment in the ceramic.

SlimRect, despite its thin thickness, retains the essential qualities of ceramics, such as easy maintenance, durability and strength.

The SlimRect line represents a state-of-the-art solution, the result of our company's investment in Research and Development and the incorporation of the latest technologies, to respond to the needs of the contract and construction sector.

This excellent wall tile is presented in 16 collections and 3 different formats, inspired by sustainability and latest trends to respond to the needs of the contract and construction sector. In this way, we can create spaces for hotels, offices, buildings, department stores that reflect comfortable, practical and elegant environments.


Collections and formats of SlimRect, rectified white porous ceramic of thin thickness


SlimRect presents 16 collections in 3 different formats. 11 of the collections can be found in the standard tile formats: 25x65mm and 29x89mm.

 Recently, SlimRect has incorporated large-format ceramic tiles with its 5 new 40x120mm collections. These collections combine the advantages of extra-fine ceramics along with the benefits that large-format tiles provide.



Art nouveau

The SlimRect Art Nouveau collection is a sandstone in white and pearl colors. The piece is decorated with a relief, Panier, very integrated in the base.

This natural stone is formed by sedimentary rocks constituted by grains of sand compacted by pressure and the passage of time.



Chalk simulates a plaster with a soft relief. This 6mm thick rectified white paste lining is designed on smooth bases that are complemented by two types of 3D decorations: Line and Pop. The Line decoration has a spike shape and the Pop decoration consists of paintings. The motifs of both sets simulate small geometric inlays.



The large-format, superfine ceramic iceberg lining is a blank piece decorated with a Cubic relief. This collection is presented in white and in two finishes: gloss and matt.



Modern and lavish is the appearance of this unique wall tile of large format and thin thickness. The elegance of white joins in this piece an original design formed by large circles that recall the movement of the planets. The tiles of this collection are presented in gloss and matt finish. The Orbit collection recreates environments with a minimalist and current character.



Finally, the Weser collection also stands out for its elegance and simplicity. This large-format 40x120mm extra-thin ceramic wall tile features a loop-shaped design that conveys elegance and originality.

slimrect extra-thin ceramic sector contract coating Weser Pearl 40x120 flooring Genuine Ash

In addition to embossed loops, it also offers another design of drawings with circular shapes, Galaxy. The Weser collection is available in two colors: Pearl and Ivory.






This collection is a fusion of cement and natural stone available in the colors white, pearl and gray. Queens superfine ceramic tiles, in 29x89 format, convey an energetic personality and give strength and character to the walls of the rooms they decorate. The slight relief of the tile evokes the natural stone.

slimrect extra-thin ceramic sector contract Queens Gray 29x89 Decor Astoria



It is a timeless cement that incorporates a soft texture. The Vulcano collection is ideal to cover the walls of rooms with minimalist or brutalist style, as well as any urban and modern building. This extra-fine ceramic wall tile also offers rectified porcelain flooring in 59x59mm and 75x75mm. The Vulcano wall tile is available in four colors: white, pearl, ivory and gray.



Luminor is a series of solid solid monochromes that has been designed in three colors and two finishes: white in gloss and matt and pearl and ivory in matt. All colors and finishes are decorated with two reliefs: Honeycomb and Tress.

The design of this extra-fine ceramic wall tile, in faint, elegant and very commercial colors, blends perfectly with the porcelain woods of the Wood Emotions line from Azulev.


Bianco Lasa

This series is a marble that is born in the heart of the Dolomites. Bianco Lasa is an elegant, exquisite and harmonious marble. The design of this distinguished piece combines very light tones with a mainly white background and degraded gray streaks.

The simplicity of this piece of silky texture and matte finish makes it a tile that serves both to cover rooms of modern and classic environments. Therefore, it is very required by architects and designers of the contract channel.




It is a kind of very thin tin and iron metal sheet. In the design of this collection we have used industrial sheets subjected to treatments against oxidation and corrosion. This thin white ground paste wall tile is white, pearl, ivory and titanium.



This series of soft colors, white, blue, pearl and pink is ideal to cover the walls of cheerful and attractive environments. Bright colors illuminate tiles with different geometric patterns gently engraved on the piece.


slimrect extra-thin ceramic sector contract Environment Various Blue White


This is one of the preferred walls tiles in the contract sector and is in two formats: 40x120mm and 25x65mm. Calacatta is a marble of singular beauty. Its white base provides great luminosity and the fine veins highlight the elegance of each piece.



This ceramic piece symbolizes simplicity and purity. Clarity is ideal for creating minimalist environment. This extra-thin wall tile is presented in white, ivory and taupe, in matt and gloss. The Clarity SlimRect cladding perfectly coordinates with our Wood Emotions porcelain wood.



This collection is a type of formwork cement designed to cover the walls of buildings and urban businesses. Progress is an ideal collection to create minimalist, urban environments and inspired by the brutalist architectural style. It comes in three colors: white, pearl and ivory.



It is also ideal for creating minimalist and elegant environments, this collection that is a fusion of manual and textile cements. The soft cements are decorated with several textures of soft structure fabric. It is an original and daring contrast to conceive an exclusive piece with a very attractive personality. It can be found in three colors: white, pearl and ivory and an extra-thin ceramic format: 25x65mm. 



Síntesis is a natural stone from Slovenia. The elegance of this stone lies in its simplicity, integrity and its low detonation. This collection fits perfectly in modern, classic and minimalist style environments. 


Check out all the SlimRect collections here . If you want additional information, write us and we will attend your demand.


Benefits SlimRect tiles for the Contract channel


Strength and durability

SlimRect walls tiles represent the evolution of ceramics. This extra-fine ceramic is a state-of-the-art solution that, despite its thin thickness, retains the essential qualities of the material: durability, strength and functionality. In addition, it is a flame retardant and stable material.



Its easy maintenance makes it a practical and comfortable material for all types of businesses and buildings in the contract sector.



One of the great advantages of thin-thickness rectified white porous walls tiles from SlimRect is that it allows over-tiling. The fact of being able to keep the materials already installed on the surfaces to be coated means a great saving of time and money in any project of the contract channel.



The thin thickness of SlimRect in its choice of large formats, 40x120mm, provides the added advantage of projecting continuous spaces and integrating all types of rooms. In addition, large-format extra-thin ceramic tiles are also more hygienic, since it eliminates the number of joints between tiles in the same space. 



The thin thickness of SlimRect ceramic pieces make it a highly sustainable material. 

Finally, it should also be noted that its fine format allows many more pieces to be transported at the same time. All this makes SlimRect a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

Both SlimRect and the rest of Azulev Grupo tiles are produced respecting the highest standards of sustainability and respect for the environment .



SlimRect is the most ecological ceramic. Ceramics, in general, is one of the most ecological materials we have, because it is created from natural raw materials whose use does not harm the environment. The ceramic does not contain plastic, it is recyclable and with its use we avoid cutting down trees.

Our extra-fine ceramic wall tile responds to the continuous search of our firm for the preservation of the environment; Its reduced thickness, 6mm, enhances the sustainability of each piece.  

Cost savings

The thin thickness of the tiles to cover SlimRect walls reduces the cost of transport and placement of the pieces. By not having to debris, the execution time of the work is reduced and, therefore, the costs of any project are reduced.The over-tiling is an important advantage for any reform or rehabilitation project of all types of homes or commercial premises . 



The thin thickness of SlimRect also makes it easier to handle the pieces, whatever their format, since they weigh less. It is easier to load the extra-fine ceramic to transport it, as well as transfer it to the exact place in which it is to be placed since they are lighter pieces and, therefore, easier to handle and move. 



The method of laying SlimRect tiles is exactly the same as that usually done in any other type of porcelain tile. Therefore, it is not necessary to invest time in learning a new way of laying tiles or making any expense on machinery or special materials for laying.

 The same cutting procedure is performed as the one normally used to split ceramic pieces of standard thickness. Also, the thin thickness is not a problem if you need to drill the piece. You can do it with a normal drill and drill bits of any diameter.

As with standard thickness walls tiles, the fixing of extra-fine ceramic to the wall will be carried out by placing the glue cement with the double gluing technique. It is inadvisable to apply glue cement using "sticks" or "pallet tip". Also, the type of glue will also be the same as that usually used in normal thickness tiles: Cement adhesive C1 to place the SlimRect on a vertical porous wall and cementitious adhesive C2 on non-porous wall. 


Given the exclusive features of SlimRect, it is understandable that it seduces all intermediaries in the contract channel. Architects, builders, decorators, interior designers, distributors, tile shops, renovation companies and wholesalers in the sector take advantage of this state-of-the-art material for the construction of all types of spaces: public or private buildings, commercial areas, hotels, restaurants , shops, stores, airports ...

Would you like to know in more detail all the designs of the SlimRect collections? Click here to download the SlimRect catalog.