The influencers of Architecture in Instagram with more followers all over the world

The influencers of Architecture in Instagram with more followers all over the world



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Here you have the 200 Instagram accounts on Architecture with more followers around the world. These profiles Instagram, dedicated to architecture and interior designs belong to architects famous and others are beginning to emerge, interior designers , magazines of architecture and decoration, photographers specializing in architecture, schools, architectural firms worldwide, groups architects and people passionate about this art. 

 If you are one of those people who live passionately for architecture and decoration, who likes to see the new aesthetic trends in buildings and houses or who studies or works in the architecture, interior design or construction sector, you should look at this article with attention because you will discover new Instagram accounts to follow to inspire your next projects or to simply enjoy looking at the impressive houses, buildings and interiors that they publish daily in their Instagram profiles.

See the latest trends in architecture and decoration in the most followed profiles of Instagram with this theme.   


Top Ten influencers on Instagram Architecture

These are the 10 Instagram profiles on architecture with the largest number of followers worldwide. All of them far exceed the million followers and the top positions are occupied by Instagram accounts with more than 4 million followers!

Most of these Instagram accounts belong to online magazines specialized in architecture, but we can also find influencers and interior designers in this ranking of the 10 architecture accounts with the most Instagram followers, such as, for example, Finn Harries and Phil Darwen , respectively. . 

  • @archdigest

4.200.000 followers has the profile on architecture more often on Instagram. It is the Instagram account of the prestigious American magazine  Architectural Digest , founded in 1920. The monthly magazine belongs to the Condé Nast publishing group and has the following international editions: Spain France, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Latin America, China and Taiwan .

This publication proclaims itself "the international design authority" and proof of this is the 4.2M of followers it has on Instagram, as well as the prestige it has maintained since its inception.

Architectural Digest publishes annually the AD100 listing with the most influential architects and designers from around the world.


  • @designboom

The second place on the list of Instagram profiles with more followers belongs to the digital magazine Designboom with 2,200,000 followers in this social network. In 2007 TIME Magazine chose Designboom as one of the TOP 100 influencers of design from around the world

This magazine specialized in architecture, art and technology has special editions for Milan, Beijing, New York and Tokyo and was founded in 1999.


If you are passionate about architecture, design or art you will almost certainly know this publication, we recommend that you follow it on Instagram and its other social networks: Twitter and Facebook, where they also have astronomical figures of followers that more than one million people daily follow the social communications of the magazine. It is also very interesting to visit the Desingboom website  . 


  • @ d.signers

A well-deserved third place holds on Instagram the profile of the digital publication on Architecture and Design  D.signers . 2M followers


  • @dezeen

Following the wake of Designboom and d.signers is the digital magazine  Dezeen  specializing in architecture, interior design and design. This magazine has 1,900,000 followers on Instagram and they also have a horde of followers on the rest of the social networks. On its website you will find all the links to its social networks:  Dezeen 


  • @myhouseidea

If you want to see dream homes with truly cozy interiors, you should start following the MyHouseIdea Instagram profile  . You will also find tips to incorporate into your home or the interior design and decoration projects in which you work.

Currently, they have 1.8M, which translates to 1,800,000 followers on Instagram. However, Facebook leads this ranking with more than 4 million followers.

MyHouseIdea  is an online magazine that aims to serve as inspiration to create contemporary or traditional homes. 


  • @architecture_hunter

With the motto in his bio in which he points out that he seeks "an inspiring architecture that needs to be seen by the world", this profile of Instagram also deserves to be pointed out among the most influential today among those dedicated to contemporary architecture, design of interiors, art and decoration.


 Since creating his profile on Instagram in 2013 he has published 3,500 photographs and has 1,800,000 followers. It's good because it's also worth following Architecture Hunter on Facebook.


  • @ modern.architect

Although it is advertised as a magazine, we have not been able to find its website, however that does not detract from the interesting photos and videos about modern architecture published daily on its Instagram profile, which, incidentally, has 1,700,000 followers


  • @finnharries

This profile belongs to a true influencer of the world of architectural design: Finn Harries. Which has a million and a half followers around the world on Instagram.

Graduated in Architectural Design by Parsons School of New York and specialized in environmental studies, Finn Harris is featured in his Instagram biography as a passionate about design, architecture and the environment.

This British designer is also dedicated to film and collaborates with different projects to defend the environment and publicize the problems associated with climate change. If you want to see some of their architectural projects visit the website of  Finn Harris . 


In addition to the impressive success of his Instagram profile, Finn along with his twin brother Jack, who is an actor, created the YouTube video blog JacksGap, which has nearly 4,000,000 subscribers.


  • @adesignersmind

In 2018 this Instagram profile, which belongs to the interior  designer Phil Darwen , ranked second in the ranking of interior designers influencers with more followers and without television programs in this social network. Currently, it has 1,400,000 followers on Instagram. It is also very interesting to visit his  website  where we can discover some of his projects and the thoughts of the mind of this designer.



  • @architectanddesign

It is presented as the best account of Architecture and Design of Instagram and the truth is that it is that they will not do so badly because it has 1,400,000 followers. To check, you just have to enter your Instagram profile and see the wonderful photos and videos on this subject that periodically public.


You may also be interested: 

Instagram Accounts on Architecture with more than a Million followers

 These are also Instagram accounts on architecture that generate great interest, proof of this is that all these accounts exceed one million followers on Instagram.     


Another Instagram profile that exceeds one million followers is  Amazing Architecture . Specifically, it has 1,300,000 followers and it is highly recommended to follow this profile if you want to be inspired or enjoy some of the best examples of contemporary architecture.

Amazing Architecture is a platform on architectural architecture that publicizes architectural projects to inspire architects and students. Therefore, it is also highly recommended to visit the Amazing Architecture website  .



Archilovers is "the international platform for architecture enthusiasts, the largest community of architects". This is how they present themselves in their Instagram account that already has 1,100,000 followers.

In addition, the Archilovers website   is a kind of social network specialized in architecture, interior design and construction in which any user can create a profile and start uploading photographs of their projects.



With a million followers on Instagram, it is also essential to follow this profile that is exclusively dedicated to Interior Design.


This Instagram account, which also has 1,000,000 followers, is dedicated to travel and nature, but since art is inspired by nature, it can be a source of inspiration for architects and interior designers.



Very similar to the previous profile, the Architecturedose account shows amazing landscapes and architectures that will captivate you. This profile currently has 970K, or 970,000 followers. He does not have the million followers yet, but, as he will soon reach it, we have cast him in this section. 


Instagram profiles about Architecture with more than half a million followers 

They do not reach a million followers, although some of them narrowly (like the one under these lines), but undoubtedly, they are influencers accounts because they attract the attention of instagramers with their publications. All of them have more than 500,000 followers on Instagram and stand out for the publication of images and videos on architecture and decoration of great value. 


It is also interesting to follow this Instagram account with 940,000 followers and more than 8,000 photographs and videos that will captivate you.



Artsytecture  is a digital magazine about architecture, art and design created in 2015. Although it has a website and presence in other social networks, it is on Instagram that it devastates 920,000 followers.

Both on the web and in your Instagram profile, you will find images of singular beauty that you will like to discover.




The  Design & Live account  will help us see life through the eyes of architects. It already has 850,000 followers on Instagram and more than 3,000 publications on this social network where we can see interesting projects of modern and contemporary architecture, as well as careful interior designs.



Architecture & Design  gathers photos of landscapes from all corners of the world. They have 830K followers on Instagram. On their website they deal with issues of architecture and design, as well as other lifestyle issues, children ...


This profile on architecture and plans has more than 860,000 followers on Instagram.



This Instagram account defines itself as a "global platform composed of leading architects, designers, artists and photographers." Its followers exceed 820K.



Founded by the Brazilian architect  Rafael Gomes , this Instagram account has more than 730K followers.




Archiproducts  is an Instagram profile that presents architecture and design products and has more than 700,000 followers.




Beautiful photographs of Architecture and Travel that we find in the Instagram profile of photographer  Nicanor García . It has 740K followers.



The profile of Instagram  In and Out Decor  belongs to the Brazilian interior designer  Olivia Vianna , who lives passionately for decoration, architecture and art and travels around the world to find the most modern and innovative architecture and decoration. It is also interesting to visit the  In and Out Decor website .

This profile has more than 680,000 followers.



With more than 660,000 followers on Instagram, this profile is also one of the recommended accounts to follow. It is also interesting the blog that these architects have with the same name  next_top_architects . 



Another account that you should follow on Instagram is Official Arch Decor. This profile, created by architects, is dedicated to contemporary architectural design. It has 650K.




If you like the plans, sketches and drawings of buildings and houses you should follow the ArchiSketcher profile on Instagram. They have 630,000 followers.



Created by Mathieu Veltman, this profile presents hundreds of photographs on the most diverse architectural styles. 620K followers



Ignant  is a Berlin online magazine about art, design, photography, travel and architecture. It has 620K followers.



The creator of this Instagram profile is the American interior designer  Kelly Wearstler , who is professionally dedicated to the design of residential, hotel and commercial environments, as well as the design of decoration products. It has more than 620K followers.


Kelly Wearstler , who has important design awards, conceives a design approach based on a multisensory experience created through materials, colors, shapes and contrasts generated through the combination of the contemporary and the old.

On its  website  there is also an online store from which all types of furniture and decorative objects can be purchased.



The goal of  Dope Decorz  is to show you houses you've always dreamed of. It has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram and it is a profile that you should take into account if you like to see facades of houses and incredible buildings, as well as dream interiors.




In this Instagram profile, with more than 580,000 followers, you will find beautiful images about architecture, art, plans and illustrations. The website of  Arquitect Page offers courses for architecture students.



Lavicvic's Instagram profile   belongs to  Vicky Navarro , who is a Mexican architect and photographer. His Instagram profile, with more than 574,000 followers, is the result of his projects and his travels around the world in search of transformative experiences.




The name of your profile on Instagram is composed of the abbreviation of two words: Architectural Graphics.  ArchGrap , with 590K, aims to be an inspirational platform for architects and designers.



As the name suggests, this Instagram profile is dedicated to showing photographs of impressive homes. It has more than 500,000 followers on Instagram.



Interesting Instagram profile, with more than 550,000 followers, where you will find original photographs of architecture, decoration and objects and design furniture. This profile is a must for all people who are passionate about design.



Both the Instagram profile and the DesignWanted digital publication   are dedicated to architecture, design and technology. Among its more than 500,000 followers has managed to bring together professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs in the architecture sector to share knowledge and experiences.

Its founder is Patrick Abbatista, @ io.patrick.



This profile wants to honor the best examples of architecture, design and art. It has more than 500K followers.



Platform for architecture students from around the world. 493K. 




Bio and followers of Instagram profiles on Architecture from 100K to 500K    


Next, we show you the biography of some Instagram profiles and the number of followers of the accounts that have 100,000 to 500,000 followers.      


Architecture and local design. A platform dedicated to explore, support and show how localities shape Australian #design, #interiors and #architecture. 450K



Our mission is to discover and share remarkable works of young architects and elite designers from around the world.450K



Platform on architecture. 450K



Architecture of the company for all. 430K


Dirk Bakker. Amsterdam NL Travel, art, design and architecture. 430K



Magazine of design, art and architecture. 430K



Architecture and design ideas. Architecture and design interior and exterior inspiration. 390K


The best of interior architecture. Personal IG: @SofiaCastellanoz. 390K


Integrated company of architecture, landscaping, interior architecture, product design and graphic design. 370K


We present masterpieces of architecture around the world. 370K



MVRDV. International study of architecture and urbanism. 360K



Indian interior architecture. 360K



Interior design. 350K



Displaying interiors from around the world. 340K


Platform on architecture. 340K



ARCFLY. Architectural life in 360 ° • Founded / Cured by @ festim.toshi. 340K



Gallery of architecture sketches. 340K


The best inspiration in modern architecture. 340K



OMA is an international practice that operates within architecture and urbanism. 330K



Ana Sampaio Barros . Former architect and traveler. 330K



Miguel B. CEO of Sabrab and engineer in @ligaportugal. Winner of the German Design Award 2019. 320K



Mad Architects was founded by Ma Yansong (@ma_yansong_mad) in Beijing, 2004. 310K


Australian architecture. 300K


@ parametric.architecture

Parametric Architecture is an art, architecture and design magazine that focuses on parametric, computational and digital design. Founder: @hamithz. 300K



Alessandro Carpentiero . Travel photographer, architect and drone operator. 300K


Luxury interior design, architecture and landscape. The interiors that it offers do not respond to the current canons of decoration, but, well, you know, for tastes the colors. 300K



HommesDeluxe Design by @MrTonyYeung. 290K






Fine architecture. 280K


Bjarke Ingels Group. Architects, designers, builders and inventors based in CPH, NYC, LON. 280K



Architecture and design. 280K


@___. dr_shirinnn .___

Dr.shirin.Rostami_official. 270K



Inspiring architecture 270K



Amazing architecture 270K



Architecture and design studio in Copenhagen. 260K



Leading platform for young architects Managed by @maherzz @ ahmad_al.kurdii. 260K



Architecture and interior design. 250K


For more than 40 years, Architectural Designs has been selling house plans. 250K



Architect and interior designer in Iran. 240K


@ architecture.addicted

Platform for architecture architects and students. 240K



Architecture of houses. 230K



High quality architectural exteriors. 230K



Architecture and Interior Design 230K



Foster + Partners. A global study for architecture, urbanism and design, rooted in sustainability, which was founded in 1967 by @officialnormanfoster. 230K



Beautiful architecture images and cozy interiors. 230K



Architecture and design. 230K


@ future.architects_

A leading platform for architecture architects and students. 230K



Miky Alanis . OCD Visual Artist & Architect. 220K



Morfolio Trace is an application for architects. 220K



The platform collects and provides information on the current status, the authors and the history of the building (55-91) of the architectural works. Led by @_BA_CU. 220K



A leading platform for architecture students. 220K



Architecture and modern and contemporary design. 220K



Interior architect and 3D artist. 220K



The best platform for architecture students. 220K




World Community of Architecture. Since 2006, World Architecture Community provides a unique environment for architects, architecture students and academics to meet, share and compete. 210K



Unforgettable spaces and design inspired by 210K



Journal of Interior Design and Architecture. 210K



Ruslan and Maria Green. Interior Designers, Architects, TV Presenters ТНТ. The images that you will find do not offer the most current proposals of interior design and decoration, but if you like the classic and ornate style you will like this profile. 210K



Architect and designer 210K



Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. International Architecture and Design Studio of Valencia (Spain) with projects around the world. 200K



Behnam Barghabany Architectural photographer. 200K



A place to share excellent forms and architectural models. 200K



Essential resource for designers who refuse to settle for mediocrity. 190K



Art and architecture 190K









Architect, interior designer and traveler. 190K





@iranarchitects . 180K



Chris Precht . Young architect. 180K



Interior Design and Architecture.180K



Dering Hall . Discover the best interior design and architecture. 170K


@ architecture_se7en

Architecture and Interior Design. 170K












Sou Fujimoto . Architect. 170K



Tomas Ghisellini. Italian architect founder of TGArchitects. 160K



Museum of Modern Art of Louisiana. An international museum of modern art outside of Copenhagen that finds the rare balance between art, architecture and nature. 160K


@the sketch

The sketch. International Journal of Architecture. 160K



One of the most influential architecture, interior design, engineering and urban planning firms in the world. 160K





@ architecture_3design






Costas Spathis . Architect. Athens, Greece. 150K






Roc Isern . Architecture. Barcelona. 150K



Presenting the beauty, the threat and the raw power of brutal architecture throughout the world Founder: @thefasthog. 150K


Fernando Guerra . Architectural photographer of Lisbon. 150K






Yura Ukhorskiy . Top 10 of the Russian architects Instagram and Olympus Ambassador. 150K



Art and architecture Platform for architects. 150K





Mogens & Flemming Lassen. 150K



Study of architecture, urbanism, product and interior design. Founded by @ben_van_berkel. 150K


@ laurahammett.interiors

Creative Director of Laura Hammett Ltd, an award-winning architecture and interior design studio in the United Kingdom, working on projects around the world. 140K






Inma Coohuco . T. Architect, Interior Designer, Creative Director. 140K






Travel blogger Architect. 140K


See the world through the eyes of an architect. 140K



Freunde von Freunden . Exploring the design philosophies and trends of urban life with four award-winning architects and interior designers. 140K



RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects.130K




Your guide of large spaces in small buildings. The most influential architectural company in Australia in sustainable design and prefabricated construction. 130K



International architecture studio. 130K



Since 1998 only for architects. 130K



The best interior designers in the world see inspiring spaces on a daily basis. Winner of the Architectural Digest 2016 Innovators Awards. 130K



Sergey Makhno Architects. 130K






Iranian architect. 130K


Claudia Albertini.  Architect. 130K






Nariman Athari & Associates Architect and Interior Designer. 130K



Dan Hogman . Architect. 120K



Architecture and Interior Design Studio in Moscow, New York and Monaco. 120K

@ antonio.monteiro.architect


@ renderbox.magazine

Renderbox Magazine. The architectural community of 3D visualization more passionate. 120K


@ uc21_architects

Architecture and Interior Design. 120K



Carlo Saba. Architect. 120K


Interiors Review that covers design, architecture, art and homes. 120K


Sarah Sadeq Architects. 110K



DB Arquitetos. The Brazilian architecture studio managed by David Bastos and his partners Maianah Coin and Rita Monteiro. Based in Salvador and São Paulo. 110K



Saota Architects Cape Town. Follow us as we take you from Lagos to Los Angeles, St Tropez to Sydney, Dubai to Dakar. 110K



Online magazine on Interior Design and Architecture more fashion, beauty and babies. 110K



Given Castello Branco . Architecture and interior design. 110K









Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) is an international architecture studio with offices in Paris, Genoa and New York, which belongs to the prestigious architect  Renzo Piano . 110K



By @philipbroich 110K



Architecture and travel. 110K


@ interior_home_design1

The most impressive selection of Architecture and Interior Design. 110K



Brazilian landscape architect. 110K






RBTA Ricardo Bofill Architecture Workshop  is a study of architecture, design and interior design. 100K






Innovation in architecture and design. 100K



University School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation of Columbia University. 100K



Alex James Bruce . Architecture and Modern Design. 100K



Architecture Studio of Brazil by Ana Rita Sousa e Silva. 100K



Soroush Nakhjavani  Interior Architect and Construction Project Management. 100K









Sia Moore. Architecture and Interior Design. 100K




@ griffon.architecture



Biographies and followers of Instagram accounts specialized in Architecture from 50K to 100K

We recommend that you also dedicate some time to search these profiles on Instagram because, although they have the least followers of the entire list, they are still less interesting. Among them, we find the profile of important architects, such as Joaquín Torres and Antonio Altarriba , among others, or institutions, such as the Norman Foster Foundation, created by the prestigious architect Norman Foster . 






Interior Design and Architecture. 98K





Kengo Kuma and Associates. Architecture Studio based in Tokyo, Japan. 98K


@ m.ansari.architect

Mohammad Ansari . Architect and draftsman working on my doctoral thesis. 98K



Architecture and design. 97K



Architecture and Interior Design Group. 94K



Architecture of Chicago. 94K



A digital publication and a visual platform for minds that appreciate architecture, interiors, design and related products. 94K


@ gallardo.arquitectura

Architectural Design and Interiors. 94K



Luis Rodriguez . Architect. 96K



Jose Luis Sáez.  Architect 95K



Carlos Ardanaz . Architecture. 89K

An original and attractive profile on Instagram with black and white images.   


Aida Rivero . Ethics + aesthetics photographer, architect, artist. 87K



Charel Jérôme . From Marseille, France Architect, traveler and, sometimes, photographer. 84K



Tatiana Poggi . Creative architect and designer. 83K 



Santiago Brotons . Interior architect. 75K



Joaquín Torres . Architect. 72K



Isabel López-Quesad a. Architecture and Interior Design throughout the world. 67K


Norman Foster Foundation. Promote interdisciplinary thinking and research to help new generations of architects, designers and planners anticipate the future. 59K



Antonio Altarriba . Architect. 51K

And up to here our list has arrived with more than 200 Instagram profiles on architecture. If you know any more that you think should be included in this list, write us and we will add it with pleasure.