Less is more: minimalist style in interior design

Less is more: minimalist style in interior design



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Simplicity and purity are two concepts that include minimalist style, a trend that defends monochromatic and balanced environments. Created for those who consider that elegance is in basic and simple things, this style is perfect to form spaces that breathe peace and tranquility.

'Less is more' is the slogan that defines minimalism, a very fashionable style that is based on preserving space and introducing the least number of elements in the rooms. How can you include it in your home?

Ageless Azulev

To show clear spaces, with few furniture and without recharged articles, is the key to design sober and sophisticated interiors. Minimalist decoration is characterised by the simplicity and elegance of its forms, so it should be simple, be composed of neutral tones and generate harmony between all its parts.

Blancos Rect Azulev

Basic colours, such as white, and soft tones, such as grey or beige, are the main protagonists of minimalism. Besides adapting perfectly to any type of room and maintaining a pleasant visual aesthetic, they give a sense of spaciousness to the environments. At the same time, decorations will have to be sober, smooth and in neutral tones, a combination that doesn’t get out of harmony.

Subtle Sanchis

Furniture of straight lines, smooth finishes, functional, comfortable and integrated predominate equally in minimalist design, due to the fact that they offer effect of order and cleaning in the rooms. Ivory, sand or bone are some colours to take into account when choosing furniture, although risking the contrast of black adds a touch of sophistication to the atmosphere.

Expression Azulev

Cement, stone or wood effect tiles also have a great presence when forming minimalist style interiors. The use of these materials in neutral colours will give a distinguished and clean look to the spaces.

Stage Sanchis

Bet on pure and fine lines and welcome minimalism!