Azulev Grupo's new tile collections stand out in Cevisama

Azulev Grupo's new tile collections stand out in Cevisama



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The new Azulev Grupo collections stand out in Cevisama for their quality, creativity and design. The firm's commitment to quality, innovation and design is the hallmark of this firm that is distinguished by a wide range of products through its 4 brands: Azulev and Sanchis in the production and design of tiles, XLAM dedicated solely to the production of large porcelain and Bath formats for the creation of state-of-the-art bathroom equipment. 

These new tile collections are the result of the constant investment of the Azulev Group in research and development to be at the forefront of the evolution of ceramic materials and their practical application in all areas of architecture and construction. 

For all these reasons, Azulev Grupo continues to distinguish itself in Cevisama as a tile factory in Castellón that creates porcelain tiles and high quality white paste, with a marked note of creativity and design. 

Azulev Grupo has chosen the Cevisama stage , International Ceramic Show for Architecture, Bathroom and Kitchen Equipment, Natural Stone, Raw Materials, Enamels, Frits and Ceramic Colors and Machinery and one of the most important fairs in the world of the ceramic sector, present the new Azulev collections, the SlimRect series of extra - fine ceramic finishes and the new Sanchis collections . 

Wide range of thin-thickness tiles for SlimRect

SlimRect is the line of Azulev dedicated exclusively to the design of white paste tiles for coatings with a thickness of 6 mm. This rectified white porous coating can be found in the formats of  25x65 ,  29x89  and also in a new unique format on the market:   40x120 . In this way, SlimRect offers us a 2x1: minimum thickness pieces with large format, as are all the SlimRect collection with the 40x120 format. 

One of the new SlimRect collections presented at Cevisama is Chalk . This extra-thin white porous covering is inspired by a plaster with a smooth relief of smooth bases with two 3D decorations: Line and Pop. The decorated Line forms a spike and the Pop decoration with square decorative motifs. The two sets together reflect small geometric inlays 

Environment created with the Chalk collection of SlimRect de Azulev in the large 40x120 format. 

We also find in the 40x120 format the Weser collection of extra-fine white paste. Weser stands out for elegance and simplicity, whose looped reliefs make it a unique piece that allows creating environments of great elegance and originality. 

In the picture, the Weser collection of extra fine ceramic in Pearl color. We can also find it in an ivory tone. 

Of singular beauty is the Orbit collection , formed by circles that suggests the movement of the planets. It is a piece with a lot of character, appropriate to dress the walls of minimalist and current rooms. 

Environment created with the Orbit series in white and 40x120 format. 

If we want to create an environment with a lot of personality, the ideal piece will be Queens. We can find it in SlimRect finish and 29x89 format, to dress the walls of the room, and in 75x75 porcelain, as we can see in the image below. 

Queens is a fusion of cement and stone with a slight relief reminiscent of natural stone, which provides strength and character, and a piece decorated with the Queens Land style, which enhances its personality. We can find this series in the following colors: white, pearl and gray.  

The Queens collection is ideal for designing colorful environments with strong personality, such as the one shown in the image above. 

Likewise, it is also worth highlighting the beauty of other recent extra-fine ceramic proposals, such as the collections presented in the latest edition of Cersaie: Iceberg and Art Nouveau . These two collections, in addition to their extra-fine finish, like all the SlimRect series, are also presented in the large 40x120 format. 

Art Nouveau is a sandstone with a relief, Panier, very integrated in the base. 

Iceberg is a cladding decorated with a cubic relief that provides a current and dynamic style, as we can see in the environment recreated in the image above. 

He has also been part of the Cevisama stand, Diverso collection  , recently presented at Cersaie. Its ceramic pieces in brightness with geometric patterns in soft tones, make it a collection of unique appeal that combines modernity with retro style. 


superfine ceramic
Diverse Rose Azulev Environment

New and attractive tile designs in our Azulev brand

In addition to the SlimRect line with an extra-thin finish, 6mm thick, our Azulev brand has presented in Cevisama new and attractive designs of special tiles to design rooms that stand out for their high quality and design tiles. 

A clear example of this is the new Denver collection. This piece of porcelain parquet is inspired by a very de-toned wood, recommended to create environments with a lot of character and personality. 

Environment created with the Denver White collection by Azulev in 20x120 format. We can also find it in the colors gray and blue. 

The Sandstone collection by Azulev is a quartzite in rectified porcelain 29x59 and 14.5x59 formats. It comes accompanied by a decoration, Grade that, as we see in the image below, simulates a kind of lamas. This elegant piece of porcelain can serve us both to dress the walls of a room and the floors of it.

The gray tones of the Sandstone collection provide an undeniable elegance and realism to this bathroom. 

Likewise, the Expression collection by Azulev also stands out for its spectacular beauty and attractiveness , which in Cevisama has presented a new format: 29x89. Expression is a type of very thin tin and iron plate. This collection is perfect for creating minimalist and modern environments. 

As we can see in the image, the Expression series can be used to dress walls and floors creating integrated and sophisticated environments. 

Other collections that do not see the light for the first time, but that are also part of Azulev's catalog of novelties are, for example, the elegant Oniceand Crossline marbles or the sophisticated Genuine wood that, together with the new Denver, go to swell the catalog series of porcelain wood line wood Emotions of Azulev . 

Genuine is porcelain wood with an elegant and stately finish. Its planks combine two types of cut, which give the piece a strong personality. Genuine comes in a 20x120 format and in the colors: white, natural and ash. 

high quality ceramic woods

Azulev Genuine Ash 20x120 Collection

Onice's porcelain tile collection is a marble inspired by limestone, which originates as a consequence of accumulated volcanic gases. This rock has been classified as semi precious stone and its result in our collection is no less spectacular. 

Onice Collection by Azulev

The Onice collection is manufactured in 29x89 and gloss finish. As a novelty, we have incorporated the 29x89 format and the matte finish. 

Of spectacular elegance is the Crossline collection , available in white paste coating in 29x89, with gloss finish and decorated with Bridge relief, and porcelain in matt finish and 59x59 format. 

The great beauty of this white marble with gray streaks makes this piece a classic, that overcomes fashions and trends, able to adapt to multiple environments in which it is intended to create timeless, pure and sophisticated spaces. 

Finally, it should be noted that the Azulev brand broadened the catalog of the Brooklyn collection with new formats, colors and finishes that make it a very versatile piece for indoor and outdoor placement, on walls and floors, with an excellent anti-slip version Special for all types of exteriors. 

Brooklyn Beige with special anti-slip finish for high traffic exteriors and 75x75 format. 

Loft environment recreated with Brooklyn Beige in 75x150 format

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New porcelain, white pasta and red pasta in Sanchis

Our Sanchis brand launches in Cevisama new designs of white paste tiles, such as the Cannes and Deep collections , and in red paste the Cachemircollection . Also, stands out among its most modern proposals its collections of Oldker and Epoque hydraulic tiles . 

The Cannes collection by Sanchis is a stone with soft relief formed by squares and rectangles with hydraulic motifs. Cannes is white pasta in 30x60 format. 

The other white paste that Sanchis presents as a novelty in Cevisama is Deep . Also in white paste 30x60 format, Sanchis has created Deep which is a cement with gloss finish, which brings a lot of light. 

The Deep collection is accompanied by the Fresh relief that enhances the versatility of this series. 

For lovers of classic and elegant environments, Sanchis has created the Cachemir collection in 25x75 red paste. This collection imitates the wallpaper and consists of three pieces: one with a very soft ivory base and the other two pieces with floral decorations by square meter. 

Each of the sets of the Cachemir collection consists of smooth and floral stripes. These are very unique pieces, which claim, on the one hand, classicism and on the other the retro air of recovery of wallpaper and vintage. 

In this same line of vintage trends are collections Epoque and Oldker of Sanchis , Hydraulic inspiration. These collections are perfect for covering walls or paving floors where you want to recreate vintage environments. 


Kitchen design created with Olker tiles and Gray Boat by Sanchis

XLAM, the brand of large porcelain formats

XLAM is also present at the Cevisama ceramics international fair with the latest collections created. Calacatta , Ageless , Vulcano and Expressionare the collections of large XLAM formats . All of them offer large format porcelain sheets in 100x260 and large format porcelain tiles in 50x100 and 100x100. In addition, they all have a fine thickness finish, 6mm, and 10mm. Azulev also has collections with large format finishes: 100x100, 50x100, 75x150, 75x75 and 75x75 with 20mm thickness. 

The large porcelain tiles give the rooms a great beauty and elegance by creating fully integrated spaces. Likewise, the versatility of large formats with extra-fine ceramic finish make them highly valued by professionals in the sector, such as architects, interior designers or decorators. 

Large format porcelain sheets
Environment with Ageless Pearl and Vulcano Gris from XLAM


Environment created with the XLAM Calacatta collection

Bath The Solid Surface creates state-of-the-art bathroom equipment

Bath The Solid Surface is the brand of Azulev Group dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of state-of-the-art bathroom equipment that is characterized by creating pieces and surfaces that are perfect and resistant, thanks to Neosolid technology. 

Bath has presented in Cevisama a sample of its wide catalog with a complete range of bathroom furniture, shower trays, countertops, bathtubs and sinks with different designs and formats. 


Bathroom furniture of the Bath brand by Azulev Grupo
Furniture Structure legless Bath

Recently released, the Structure series   offers multiple placement options and possibilities to provide effective answers to all market needs. 

shower tray series Neosolid Planic
Environment created with Structure furniture with drawer and shower tray Planic by Bath

Download the Azulev Catalog for Cevisama 2019 here . 

Download the Sanchis Catalog for Cevisama 2019 here .