New series for Azulev

New series for Azulev



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In order to meet market needs and offer the most current proposals, Azulev incorporates two new formats in its product range: 75x75 and 75x150 in rectified porcelain. The series that premiere are Delice, in 75x75, and Heritage and Brooklyn, in both sizes.


Heritage is a stone of the family of limestones, which are formed in the warm and shallow seas of tropical regions. The series comes in a matt finish and has a very nice texture. Its formats are 75x75 and 75x150 in rectified porcelain and 40x120 rectified white-paste coating. We decorate the covering with three reliefs: Textures, which are squares with different textures, Triangles and Triangles Mix, which are textured triangles and slats with linear structures. Its colours are pearl and anthracite for porcelain and grey and pearl for coating.


Brooklyn is a fusion of cement, stone and cotto, a contemporary material with a growing trend. We have tried to give the product a very natural look, with a smooth texture. The collection can be placed in modern and minimalist rooms. We launched the series in two innovative formats: 75x75 and 75x150 rectified porcelain. Its colours are pearl, grey and beige.


Delice is a compact metamorphic rock that follows the trend of a renovated classic marble. Its beauty comes from the simplicity of its base, which contrasts with its straight streaks. We developed marble in three colors, white, ivory and gray, and in three formats, 29x89 white-paste coating, in rectified porcelain flooring 59x59 and 75x75, in matt finish. In lining, we decorate the collection with the Rubik relief in the three colours, and with the Delice decoration in white and ivory.