How to prevent work accidents in the ceramic sector

How to prevent work accidents in the ceramic sector



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Azulev Grupo meets its objective of zero accidents at work , for several years. This excellent result is the result of the close collaboration between the company and the workers and an effective Occupational Risk Prevention Policy that guarantees us high levels of Safety and Health at Work.  

Zero accidents at work in Azulev Grupo


Azulev Grupo is, undoubtedly, one of the few companies in the ceramic sector, with a workforce of more than 200 employees, with no work-related accidents that imply the loss of the worker during the last years. Of course, this is news that fills us with pride and satisfaction, being the merit mainly of the employees, and of their good preventive practices in the daily development of their work.  

As we read in the tenth chapter on Occupational Health and Safety of IV Autonomous Collective Agreement for Industry Tiles, Ceramic Flooring and tiles of Valencia from 2018 to 2020 , applied in Azulev Grupo, prevention and safety health, involves obligations for the employer and also for workers. Therefore, the fact that Azulev Grupo can boast of not having suffered any sick leave as a result of accidents at work is a merit of both parties that must be recognized and shared.

Azulev Grupo, through its Prevention Department, has developed action protocols, and "welcome packs" with special emphasis on prevention, providing training and information to the employee so that from the first day of his incorporation he becomes aware of its importance, comply with the regulations and extreme health and safety measures at work required by the different legislative precepts on preventive matters.


Occupational hazards in the tile manufacturing process


Unfortunately, we see in the press news related to accidents at work suffered by workers in different factories in the ceramic sector , which sometimes cause the death of the worker. These fatal accidents are sometimes caused by falls from several meters in height, by suffering the crushing of pallets or other large objects that fall on top of the operator or by being stuck to a machine and suffering also a crush.

We must bear in mind that in the manufacture of the tiles involved large machinery, and various industrial processes that involve risks that can endanger the health of workers .

Azulev Grupo aware of the risks involved in the manufacture of its parts, mainly the porcelain of large formats, extreme security measures, works with the employee awareness of good practices in preventive matters and are very present in all its processes the alignment with the regulations on Occupational Risk Prevention.


Risks to the worker's health in the ceramic sector


In the process of manufacturing tiles and porcelain stoneware , the worker is exposed to different risks during his working day, which must be prevented by taking extreme measures to ensure safety and strictly complying with the regulations on the prevention of occupational hazards.

In the tile industry we find ourselves with three types of risk factors that must be worked on to prevent accidents at work and at the same time ensure the health and safety of workers.


Types of Occupational risks in the tile sector:

  • Risks related to security conditions.
  • Risks related to the work environment.
  • Risks related to mechanical loading.


Risks linked to security conditions


These are the occupational risks that arise from the development of the work function itself that each operator performs.

Some of the risks in the safety conditions are: the risk of falls and slips, shocks, blows and entrapments, electrical risks, abuses, fires and cuts and burns.


Risks linked to the work environment


The risks related to the work environment refer to the environmental conditions of the space in which the work is carried out.

Some of the risks that can harm the worker's health are lighting, noise, exposure to chemical agents, the so lately mentioned silica dust, gases and thermo-hygrometric conditions. This last point refers to the risk of thermal stress due to inadequate temperature and humidity conditions.


Risks linked to physical load


As the indica name, the occupational hazards of this third area only refer to the risks arising from carrying out physical loads, more developed in the shipping sections.


Prevention of Occupational Hazards in Azulev Grupo


Once mentioned the different types of risks that health and safety entails, the process of manufacturing tiles and stoneware in certain environmental conditions or by handling loads or interacting with some transport machinery, production or with the product itself same, let's see now how the Occupational Risk Prevention in Azulev Grupo is carried out, given that it has an accident rate of zero accidents at work during the last years.

The Prevention Department of Azulev Grupo leads all actions in matters of health and safety at work and carries out, being the continuous training, the revision of good practices, and the constant awareness of the employee. These being the essential pillars of the preventive policy developed by our company. 

The training of the worker in this matter begins from his first day of work. The Prevention Department gives you the Welcome Pack prepared by ASCER , Spanish Association of Tile and Ceramic Floor Makers, where the main risk situations that the employee will have to face are detailed.


Content of the Worker Welcome Pack:

  • The risk assessment of the position to be performed, as well as the corrective measures taken by Azulev Grupo to safeguard the safety and health of the worker.
  • The internal security regulations that must be met by the worker to avoid risks during the workday.
  • The Dissemination of the Policy of a 100% secure job.
  • The commitment of the employee to safeguard the different standards of both protection and security.


In addition, the Prevention Department analyzes all the environments and phases of the tile manufacturing process, ensures improvement and continuous training with prevention actions and for the health of the worker.

 According to the Department of Prevention, a key factor in the process of continuous improvement of the protocols of prevention of occupational risks is the worker . The person who daily performs a certain job function is the one that can best inform about the detection of a possible new risk focus and even propose the most appropriate solution, since it is the one that has more information.

 In this sense, the Prevention Department of Azulev Grupo places special emphasis on the 5 Keys to take into account for Risk Prevention , and wanted them to be protagonists in one of the Newsletters on preventive matters that the company disseminates monthly among its employees, and that coinciding with the International Day of Safety at Work last year, he divulged among all his collaborators.


The 5 Keys to Risk Prevention are:

  • IDENTIFY all the processes and activities of your workplace.
  • CHECK , with the help of your colleagues and superiors, the activities that involve some risk.
  • REDUCES the exposure to those types of risks that can cause an injury. If you consider it necessary, request the adaptation of the PPE (Individual Protection Equipment) or a variation in the work process.
  • VERIFY the correct functioning of all security measures at your workplace. Otherwise, tell your manager immediately.
  • COMMUNICATE your responsible any process that you consider that can be improved in terms of safety and health.


These 5 keys are essential because, in order to prevent accidents at work and ensure the safety and health of workers, in addition to complying with the regulations, a fluid dialogue must be carried out between the worker and the company . 

The Prevention Department implements different training actions throughout the year, emergency drills ..., so that workers are aware of the importance of complying with the established protocols on safety and health, contributing again to an awareness of the preventive matter .


The EPIS to avoid safety and health risks


An EPI is an Individual Protection Team. These protective equipment are necessary and mandatory for the performance of certain functions, adapting in each case to the needs of the employee and the risk to cover. The close collaboration between the Prevention Department and the Health and Safety Committee makes the selection of EPISs much more suitable.

As an example, we could mention the mandatory use of Hearing Protective Helmets for workers who are in the grinding machine. These have special couplings that make the employee much more comfortable to use. For the sections of loads, presses, ovens and classification, given that the noise they are exposed to is much lower, noise-insulating foam plugs are offered here, which are much more comfortable to wear.

The eye protectors are intended for maintenance work of metal cutting, welding and those that require the handling of chemical products (drums, laboratory, etc.).

prevention occupational risks sector ceramic manufacturing tiles safety work epis equipment protection individual

The Prevention Department of the Azulev Grupo, together with the Health and Safety Committee, are responsible for informing all workers and managers of the importance of using EPIS to avoid safety and health risks. The awareness of wearing gloves, safety shoes, dust masks ... is vital .


Prevention in work at height in the ceramic sector


prevention occupational risks sector ceramic manufacturing tiles safety work line life heights

high-risk circumstance in the tile manufacturing process is falling from a height of several meters. Azulev Grupo extreme precautions because any accident of this type is usually fatal, so that for any work done at height or on mobile platforms the established protocols are followed .


The basic premises of the Azulev Grupo protocol for work at heights is as follows:

  • Height is considered when a work is performed above 1.80 meters above ground level.
  • Only workers who have received training to do it can do high-altitude jobs.
  • Requirement of inspection of tools and verification of the work area of the equipment to be used.
  • The person in charge must validate the work and check that the conditions are adequate.
  • The worker who will perform tasks at heights must be provided with a Personal Protection System Fall Protection.


The Personal Fall Protection System elements used in Azulev Grupo are:

  • Full body harness.
  • Lanyard with impact absorber.
  • Anchor point.
  • Life line.


Prevention in the loading of large ceramic formats


As we have seen previously, there is a type of risk linked to the physical load. Both in the transfer of tiles and in the loading of large porcelain formats, the use of technical mechanisms is recommended from the Prevention Department .

When it is not possible to use the technical mechanisms, operators must handle the load following the basic rules of prevention in the manual handling of loads in equipment , and always bearing in mind the use of the EPis appropriate to the work to be performed.


The security in the storage of the ceramic product


prevention occupational risks ceramic sector manufacture tiles security work storage product ceramic

As stated in the Azulev Grupo newsletter aimed at security in the storage of ceramic products, "the warehouse is a potential place of risks and accidents, from light or of little importance to mortals and fires. The proper management of the warehouse will allow us to guarantee the prevention and safety of all employees who carry out their work in this area."

To avoid any accident that endangers the safety of the operators, as well as the product, it is essential to follow the signs, respect the location guidelines and the correct height, keep the corridors clean and free of obstacles, review loads and report incidents.


The order and cleaning help to avoid accidents


Order and cleanliness in the workplace help prevent accidents.

prevention occupational hazards ceramic industry manufacturing tiles safety work order place cleaning work


First aid in work accidents


In addition to all measures and actions of Azulev Grupo to prevent accidents at work, from our Prevention department training and information is offered, as well as a protocol of action to help any person who suffers a work accident , or when a situation is detected of emergency.

In this way, any worker will know how and who to go to give the alarm to an accident or emergency situation.



Our objective in Azulev Grupo is to maintain our accident rate indicator of zero accidents at work, and to continue working closely with the Health and Safety Committee and the SPA, so that we can guarantee a 100% safe job.

To finish, we want to congratulate all our collaborators for the great work they are doing in preventive matters and encourage them to continue along the same lines. Congratulations!