Project of the Reform of the facade of a house in Barcelona

Project of the Reform of the facade of a house in Barcelona



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The facade of a house is like the letter of introduction of the decoration of our house. The façade is the first thing we see of a house and, therefore, it tells us what the interior decoration is going to be like. In front of an unsubstantiated or insipid façade we will think that we will not find an attractive decoration. For this reason, any comprehensive renovation of the home must include the rehabilitation of the façade.

In this article from our blog we are going to show you the reform of the façade of a single-family house in Barcelona that has been carried out with porcelain tiles from Azulev Grupo.

Reforma fachada Barcelona

Rehabilitation of the façade

Whether you are renovating an old façade or renovating an old façade, the choice of material to be used is key because the façade of a house, the terrace and the garden are the external parts of the house.

When choosing the material to refurbish the façade of a villa we must take into account its resistance to the elements. It must be a material capable of withstanding high and low temperatures, stains or ultraviolet rays. The stability of its colour is also important, as it is located on the outside. All these qualities are brought together by Azulev Grupo porcelain tile.

piedra caliza para reforma fachada

Changing the façade of the villa with Ageless de Azulev


In the case of this house in a town in Barcelona we are presenting to you, we have chosen the Ageless rectified porcelain from our Azulev brand.

Ageless porcelain tile imitates a limestone that stands out for its naturalness and elegance. Ageless is a natural stone composed of calcite and minerals, such as quartz and clay, in smaller quantities.

Reforma fachada con porcelánico rectificado

We can find the Ageless series in up to 4 colours: white, pearl, ivory and grey. It also offers two flooring formats, 29x59 and 59x59, and a rectified white paste coating of 29x89 and 29x59.

The format of this rectified porcelain from the Ageless collection used in this single-family home is 29x59 in pearl colour.


Baldosa porcelánica para fachadas

The rectified porcelain from Azulev's Ageless collection has all the technical characteristics necessary to be used as an exterior cladding, as well as in the walls of the interior of the home.


Revestimiento en baldosa porcelánica

As we can see in this photo, Ageless porcelain cladding has also been used to decorate some parts of the interior, such as the staircase leading to the first floor of the villa.

Before and after the renovation of the villa

In the renovation of an old villa it is essential to include the façade in the project, as the façade of any building must reflect the decorative style that we are going to find inside. Therefore, in any project of integral reform of a house, the renovation of the façade will be an essential element, as important as the reform of the kitchen, the dining room, the terrace or any of the rooms or rooms of the home.

facade of the house before the renovation
The facade of the house before the renovation
facade of the house after the renovation
The facade of the house after the renovation


As we can see from these two photos, the change in the façade of this house is so impressive that we seem to be seeing two different houses and it is the same façade before and after the renovation of the villa.