5 Reasons to use extra fine ceramic tiles

5 Reasons to use extra fine ceramic tiles



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Azulev Grupo's superfine ceramic is a highly resistant, hygienic, lightweight material, available in traditional formats and in large-format tiles. The thin-walled tiles combine the extraordinary benefits of ceramics with others given by their minimum thickness. 

Advantages of thin-thickness ceramics

There are many advantages that the use of tiles provides. The properties of ceramics give great value to the tiles. Among other advantages, we can highlight that porcelain tiles, for example, do not burn, are favorable for health, are hygienic, resistant and extremely easy to clean. 

Ceramic is a three-dimensional material that, from its origins to the present date, has been adapting to the trends of architecture and decoration at every moment of its history. In this process, the formats and sizes of the tiles have been varying.  

Thanks to research and technological advances, we have now been able to focus on the third dimension: the thickness of the tiles . Our line of tiles in white paste SlimRect of Azulev , for coatings, as well as all collections of porcelain tiles of our brand large format XLAM offer tiles minimum thickness (6 mm) having all the usual advantages of ceramics along with others that are Exclusive of extra-fine ceramics. 

The thin thickness of the SlimRect tiles and the XLAM collections, of only 6mm , reduces the costs of logistics and transport, collaborating, at the same time, with respect for the environment , since using less material in the preparation Emissions and waste are reduced from each piece. 

Both the tiles of the SlimRect line , as well as some formats of all the collections of the XLAM brand have a thickness of 6mm. And all this, without losing the exceptional characteristics of our tiles, whose referents are the constant research in the porcelain development, the quality of the product and the respect for the environment. 

SlimRect is a white porous coating rectified in 25x65 , 29x89 and the new format of 40x120. All Azulev collections that belong to the SlimRect style have a wide variety of textures and colors. 

The ceramic of minimum thickness presents multiple advantages that can turn it into the favorite for different architectural projects, as much of new work as of reform or rehabilitation, in front of the tiles of traditional formats. Discover the reasons for using extra fine ceramic tiles.

1. Savings in materials

The extra-fine ceramic tiles will guarantee a wide variety of possibilities, since they will be useful both for totally new works, as well as for renovations, interiors or facades. In any project in which we use tiles of thin thickness, the investment made can be reduced significantly, if it is our desire. 

This is because thin-ceramics allow over-tiling . When over-tiling, the need to remove and treat the ceramic is eliminated, through replacement. In short, you can change the design of an area, without wasting any space or material.


SlimRect also offers the Calacatta series , one of the most precious marbles for the elegance and modernity it provides. Likewise, the Calacatta series also offers luminosity and a greater sense of space, as it is a white marble with suggestive integrated veins. 

2. Less weight, less problems

Its very light weight allows its transport and handling at the time of installation, is lighter . The decrease in weight, therefore, will make the expense in transfer also reduced. 

However, this reduction in weight as a result of the thin thickness of the tile will not reduce the strength of the material, both in white paste and in porcelain stoneware, retains the intrinsic properties of the tiles : great resistance against scratching, changes in temperatures and the stains, as well as enormous ease of maintenance and hygiene.


To create this environment, we have used the new SlimRect Iceberg series. This SlimRect series , together with the Art Nouveau series , has been designed in a new format: 40x120. The Iceberg coating is available in different shades of white, a classic color that maintains its reign in interior design. The white, alone or in combination with others such as gray, mustard or black, increases the luminosity of the rooms. Likewise, white also encourages the effect of enlarging spaces by visually extending them. 

3. Greater sustainability

The sustainability of extra-fine ceramic tiles is obvious. In fact, it offers greater sustainability than traditional ceramics. In which, the smaller the number of raw materials to be used, the lower the energy required to make the pieces. 

Likewise, it should be noted that Azulev Grupo incorporates a strict commitment to respect the environment and commitment to sustainable development to all its manufacturing processes . The environmental policy of Azulev Grupo has been internationally recognized with certificates and awards.  


The Art Nouveau series  by SlimRect is an excellent choice if we lean towards simple forms, using contemporary elements. Both the Art Nouveauseries and the Iceberg , have just released a new format of 40x120 and 6mm thick, typical of extra-fine ceramics. 

4. A universe of possibilities

The extra-thin ceramic tiles of the XLAM brand and the SlimRect line give way to the projection of completely integrated environments. This ceramic model can cover not only surfaces such as walls or floors, but also doors, cabinets, bathrooms, tiled kitchens, among others, providing a subtle finish, and enjoying its hygienic benefits, resistant and unalterable.


In the image above, we see the walls of a bathroom lined with the Expression seriesof SlimRect . Expression is a very thin type of sheet metal made in iron and tin. For the design of this series, industrial sheets subjected to corrosion and oxidation treatments have been used to achieve the desired effect. 

5. Reduce installation time

The application time of extra-fine ceramics can be significantly accelerated. In fact, a whole area can be covered quickly, providing an added value to the environment.


One of the most popular collections to cover all types of environments is Ageless of XLAM , in the image above. Ageless is limestone extracted from calcareous rocks and formed, for the most part, by calcite. Additionally, it has small portions of minerals, such as quartz or clay. In basic terms, it is a natural stone whose structure is characterized by having a stony finish, highlighting the naturalness of the site with a beautiful result.

The ceramic tiles of large format and thin thickness represent a really attractive offer for those who perform professions such as builders, architects, interior designers, decorators or anyone interested in designing luxurious, unique and elegant spaces.

As we can see, the extra-fine ceramic format gives way to a new world of alternatives where the limit does not exist ... And if it exists, it would be invented by ourselves. You can create unique and unrepeatable spaces , leaving your own stamp on it, but not before creating sensations of elegance in spaces of any dimension.

Download here the extra thin ceramic catalog from SlimRect  and discover all the Azulev collections with SlimRect finish.