Refurbish your bathroom without works with extra-slim ceramic

Refurbish your bathroom without works with extra-slim ceramic



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If you consider that the time has come to renew the style and decoration of your bathroom but you do not dare to undertake a reform of the bathroom with great works and all that implies, you may be wondering how to reform the bathroom without do works? There are multiple solutions. Of all of them, the best is extra-fine ceramic.

Sometimes, due to lack of time or budget, we are afraid to completely reform a room in our house, such as the bathroom. However, we are tired of seeing the usual tiles, colors and designs that are no longer in fashion and we feel the urgent need to update the style of the bathroom. If we want to achieve a quick and less expensive renovation, the best solution is to reform the bathroom without removing the tiles. 

How to reform the bathroom without removing the tiles

Currently, there are many possibilities when it comes to renovating a bathroom without doing works to remove the tiles. Of all of them, the most economical is: Paint the tiles. The cheapest option to reform a bathroom without doing works is painting, since we will only need to buy tile paint for the floor and for the wall tiles. In the case of pavements, we can also cover the Epoxy Resin floor. And as a wall tile we can also use Epoxy paint or wallpaper. 

If we have a little more budget we can choose to cover the walls and floors of the bathroom with self-adhesive meshes, vinyl tiles, OSB coatings (chip boards) or choose extra-fine ceramic, which is the best option. 

reform your bathroom without works with extra-thin ceramic Iceberg White Mate SlimRect
Iceberg Collection by SlimRect

Of all the aforementioned options and any other that you may know, the best option is extra-fine ceramic. 

Reform without works with extra fine ceramic 

Do you know why extra-fine ceramic is the best option to reform a bathroom without works? Well, very easy, because the extra-fine ceramic allows you to over-tile, that is, to reform a bathroom without removing the tiles that we already have, as well as the other materials mentioned, but, in addition, it has all the exclusive qualities of the ceramic. 

Ceramics have unique properties that make it the best material for our floor and wall tiles. I'm going to quote you a few. 

Exclusive qualities of ceramics

  • Durability . Ceramic is the most durable material because it is unalterable in the face of the passage of time and, therefore, remains as new. 
  • Resistance . It offers a high level of resistance to treading and any thermal change, as well as water. The ceramics have a practically null water absorption value, so it becomes the ideal material for rooms with a high presence of water, such as the bathroom. 
  • Fireproof . The ceramic does not burn or melt, therefore it does not release any gas or toxic substance in case of fire. In addition, there is no risk of superficial blackening by contact with hot objects. 
  • Functionality . It is a material that can be easily placed in all types of rooms. 
  • Easy maintenance . It does not require any special treatment for its maintenance. The cleaning of the ceramics, as well as its maintenance, is easy and simple. 
  • Sustainable . The ceramic material comes from natural raw materials from the earth, therefore, since it does not contain any plastic, it is completely recyclable. 
  • Ecological . With the use of ceramics we actively contribute to the preservation of the Environment. No trees are cut down or harmful materials are generated that harm the environment. Both in its manufacturing process and in the raw materials used, the environment is respected. In addition, our company has turned its commitment to the environment into one of its main hallmarks. 

SlimRect: 6mm thick wall tiles

Azulev has a line exclusively dedicated to superfine ceramic wall tiles: SlimRect , white body wall tile with a thin thickness, 6mm, which is available in 40x120, 29x89 and 25x65 formats. 

reform your bathroom without works with extra-thin ceramic Orbit White 40x120 Slimrect
Orbit 40x120 by SlimRect

The extra-fine ceramics will provide our bathroom with all the benefits of the ceramics, mentioned above, and, in addition, the advantages offered by thin-thickness tiles. 

One of the main qualities of extra-fine ceramic is that it allows over-tiling. Therefore, we can place the new tiles without removing the old tiles thanks to the thin thickness of SlimRect. 

SlimRect is the result of the investment in Research and Development of Azulev Group, as well as the introduction of the latest technologies in the manufacturing process of these parts. 

The versatility and lightness of SlimRect make it a unique material with multiple features and no disadvantages, since, despite its small thickness, it does not require any special treatment. Cutting, drilling, adhesion or surfaces on which it can be placed requires the same processes that you can use for any ceramic or porcelain stoneware. 

In addition, SlimRect presents a wide range of collections with a wide variety of designs, according to the latest trends in interior design and decoration, so you can find the style that fits your taste and needs. 

Laying of superfine ceramic tiles

One of the main advantages of extra-fine ceramic is that it allows over-tiling. Therefore, you can place our extra-fine ceramic tiles on the floor of your bathroom over existing tiles or any other type of material. 

Despite its thin thickness, SlimRect retains the strength of the ceramic, so no special tool is needed to cut the material. Therefore, it is possible to use the manual tile cutter that is used for standard thickness tiles. When making the cut, it is advisable to check the ruby to verify that it is not worn or blunt. 

Likewise, the same cutting procedure will be followed as that for any other wall tile. 

The thin thickness of SlimRect is not an impediment when drilling the piece. It is possible to drill with the usual drill and drill bits of any diameter without the risk of damaging or splitting the ceramic piece. 

The fixation of the extra-fine ceramic to the wall will be carried out, as in the standard thickness wall tiles, applying the glue cement using the double gluing technique. It is not advisable to apply using "sticks" or "pallet tip". The type of glue will also be the same as that usually used in normal thickness tiles: C1 cementitious adhesive to place the SlimRect on a porous vertical wall and C2 cementitious adhesive on non-porous wall. 

In the case of applying our rectified white paste tiles and thin thickness directly on wood, it is recommended to use: C2 TE S1 or C2 TE S2 cementitious adhesive. 

This glue cement is preferably applied with a trowel 5mm wide. 

 The settlement, cohesion and leveling of extra-fine ceramic pieces requires the same treatment as those of usual thickness: we will use the rubber mace to hit the pieces with reasonable force. SlimRect far exceeds the values of Strength and Flexion and Breaking Force, required by European regulations, whose minimum values are: 200 N of Breaking Force and 12 N / mm2 of Flexural Strength.


Superfine Ceramics is greener

Ceramics is one of the most sustainable materials that exist, since it comes from natural raw materials, does not contain plastic and, therefore, is completely recyclable, and avoids cutting down trees. 

In addition, the manufacturing processes of all our ceramic tile lines are designed with the aim of reaching the highest levels of respect for the environment and sustainability in each of its phases. 

Azulev Group has, for years, the DAP for Porcelain and Porous, as well as other national and international certificates, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AAI (Integrated Environmental Authorization), which guarantee that our process Tile manufacturing is sustainable and eco-efficient, in line with our environmental protection policy. 

DAP is an international eco-labeling system for products in the construction sector that certifies the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of the products and their eco-efficient manufacturing process.

reform your bathroom without works with extra-thin ceramic Chalk White 40x120 Slimrect
Chalk 40x120 from SlimRect

SlimRect's superfine ceramic is also the result of Azulev Grupo's strong commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the environment, since by reducing the thickness of the pieces to 6mm we also reduce CO2 emissions in transport and the minimization of waste generation during the manufacturing process. Likewise, it also reduces the consumption of raw materials and water consumption by 50% for its manufacture, among others. 

Benefits of SlimRect Superfine Wall tiles

There are many benefits that the use of extra-thin SlimRect ceramics will bring to the walls of your bathroom. 

  • Ceramic properties. You will enjoy the benefits of using ceramics: Durability, strength, functionality, maintenance ...
  • Over-tiling. Allows placement on other tiles. 
  • Lower cost. It reduces the time of execution of the work, reducing, therefore, the cost of the reform.
  • Less time. By not having to remove the old tiles from the bathroom, we avoid having to debris and the renovation will be carried out more quickly and easily. 
  • Sustainability SlimRect is a sustainable product and therefore environmentally friendly: it optimizes energy savings, uses fewer resources and reduces emissions and pollutants. 
  • Maintenance . Superfine ceramic is as easy and quick to clean as any other type of tile with the usual thickness. SlimRect meets the requirements of Resistance to Chemical Agents, required by European regulations. Therefore, the same cleaning products as in the other tiles can be used.

Superfine ceramic floors with XLAM

We also have extra-thin ceramic tiles to pave the bathroom's dream. This is done by our brand of large porcelain formats: XLAM

XLAM, in addition to offering a wide range of large porcelain formats that provide elegance and attractiveness unmatched to any environment, also presents two extra-fine ceramic formats: 10mm and 6mm. So, we can over-tile the floor of our bathroom, without the need to remove existing tile floors or any other material. 

Expression 25x65 by SlimRect

Porcelain and fine thickness large-format tiles represent a truly attractive offer for all types of projects and especially those focused on the renovation and rehabilitation of rooms, since they offer all the advantages of extra-fine ceramics (energy savings, rapid installation , over-tiling, resistant material, flame retardant, easy maintenance ...) and also allow to create fully integrated environments, allowing the coating of doors, cabinets or any type of appliance. 

Changing the bathroom furniture

Once you have launched to cover the walls and floors of the bathroom with the new SlimRect and XLAM collections, you probably want to also update the furniture in your bathroom. If so, we recommend the bathroom furniture of Bath The Solid Surface . 

reform your bathroom without works with extra fine ceramic Calacatta Brillo 25x65 SlimRect
Calacatta 25x65 by SlimRect

The bathroom furniture of our Bath The Solid Surface brand is the result of Azulev Grupo's commitment to state-of-the-art bathroom equipment. 

The furniture is made with one of the most advanced technologies on the market: Solid Surface. 

Solid Surface is primarily composed of Neosolid. This material, which contains natural mineral fillers and high strength resins, offers a smooth, warm, comfortable to the touch and extraordinary qualities, such as easy cleaning and durability. In addition, Neosolid is antibacterial, repairable and ecological. 

The benefits of Neosolid are: 

  • High temperature resistance
  • Shock resistant
  • Ultra hygienic
  • Warm surface
  • Easy cleaning
  • Wide color palette
  • UV resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Custom size
  • Smooth surface
  • Repairable
  • Anti-slip
  • Non-flammable
  • Stain resistant
  • NeoSolid Properties

So, if you include in your renovation the renovation of bathroom furniture, shower or bathtub, countertops or sinks, choosing Bath The Solid Surface is one of the best options for the great performance of the Neosolid and the great attractiveness of the designs , colors and textures of these sanitary equipment.