Renovate your kitchen with extra fine Ceramic tiles

Renovate your kitchen with extra fine Ceramic tiles



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 Superfine ceramics is a great ally to reform the kitchen without doing great works and without making large investments of time or money. All spaces of a house are fundamental, so we will always want them to be neat, clean and beautiful. But, cooking is essential because it is the space the whole family uses to prepare food, gather to eat, etc. Therefore, the reform of this room can alter the daily routine of all household members. The extra-fine ceramic allows the reform to be carried out without works and, therefore, the time needed to renovate the kitchen and also the budget is reduced. 

The fear that the works will expand over time is one of the factors that slow us down at the time of undertaking a reform. However, when you have to live daily with an outdated or obsolete decoration and style, you need to adapt the kitchen style to current interior design trends. Now it is possible to give a renewed air to your kitchen without performing works with extra-fine ceramics. 

There are many options to reform the kitchen, but there is only one that, due to its excellent value for money, stands out above the rest: extra-fine ceramics . 


Vulcano and Calacatta

The ceramic materials of the future of Azulev Grupo

Azulev Grupo tile brands (Azulev, Sanchis and XLAM) are focused on the design and creation of state-of-the-art materials to draw the ceramics of the future , capable of responding to market trends and needs.  

Likewise, the ceramics of the future of Azulev Group are increasingly ecological and sustainable , because one of the main axes of the firm's work is the commitment to the preservation of the environment. 

Of all the Azulev Grupo collections, the most ecological and sustainable are those that belong to the brands and lines of extra-fine ceramic, such as the large porcelain formats of XLAM and the SlimRect line of Azulev wall tiles. 

The Superfine Ceramics is more ecological and sustainable due to its thin thickness of only 6mm . This thin thickness lowers the production, transport and placement of these tiles, which allow over-tiling , but not only that. In addition, its thin thickness also reduces the material used in its production and the energies used in its manufacture. 

Refurbish your kitchen with the extra-thin ceramics of SlimRect and XLAM

With SlimRect and XLAM you can reform your kitchen without works because its collections allow over-tiling. That is, you can renew the floor and wall tiles without having to remove the existing tiles. 

Azulev SlimRect line is dedicated to white body wall tiles 6mm thick. Therefore, its collections will help you to cover the walls of your kitchen, as well as to integrate elements decorating the kitchen appliances and furniture. 

Ageless and Vulcano

With the large porcelain formats of XLAM you can pave floors and cover the kitchen walls. In addition, the large format of porcelain tiles will enhance the elegance and feeling of kitchen space. 

SlimRect, superfine ceramic wall tiles

The Azulev SlimRect line is dedicated to thin white body wall tile, 6mm. The formats in which you can find the collections of these 6mm thick wall tile are:  25x65, 29x89 and 40x120 .

All collections of the Azulev SlimRect line offer multiple benefits highly appreciated by industry experts. 

SlimRect offers the exclusive advantages of ceramics . Such as, durability, resistance, functionality, easy maintenance, its flame retardant capacity, among others. In addition, it has other benefits of extra-fine ceramic. For example, extra-fine ceramics, as we have commented in previous paragraphs, allows over-tiling. Therefore, you can place the new tiles on the ones you already have in the kitchen. By not having to remove the tiles from your kitchen to place the new ones, you will avoid debris removal and save time and money. 

Despite its small thickness, SlimRect's superfine ceramic does not require a special method of placement. Both the cut, the perforation or the adhesion follow the usual procedures that the tiles of the usual thickness. 

In addition, even if your kitchen has bright glazed tiles you can also use the SlimRect pieces. The placement process is identical to the pieces in standard format. Therefore, a C2 TE S1 cementitious adhesive will be used for overlaying in glossy glazed ceramics. There are several alternatives, but the ideal is to use glue cement through the double gluing technique.

Each of the SlimRect pieces meets all the requirements established in the European legislation on Flexural Strength and Breaking Strength, which is why no piece should be fractured during the renovation at the time of placement or cut, as long as the appropriate tools are used. However, it is possible to break a piece, in the same way that it can happen with sheets of standard thickness.

XLAM, large extra-fine ceramic formats

The Azulev Grupo brand dedicated exclusively to large porcelain formats is XLAM. This brand, in addition to standing out for the large size of its porcelain tiles, is distinguished by the thin thickness of its pieces:  6mm and 10mm.

XLAM offers a wide range of large formats ranging from 75x75 tiles to huge 100x260 pieces. Specifically, the collections of this brand are presented in the following formats:  75x75, 50x100, 100x100, 40x120, 75x150 and 100x260. 

With these large porcelain pieces you can pave and cover all kinds of spaces and, of course, they will be ideal for renewing the decoration of your kitchen. 

With the large formats of XLAM porcelain stoneware you will enjoy the advantages of ceramics (easy maintenance, durability, resistance, flame retardant capacity ...), those of extra-fine ceramics (over-tiling, sustainability, time reduction in the reform ...) and you will also enjoy the added benefits of large formats. 

The large porcelain formats are highly recommended for all types of reforms and, of course, also for the kitchen, because they provide a greater sense of spaciousness, create continuity effect, reduce installation time and are more hygienic, because at the least amount of joints , there is less possibility of storing dirt. 

In addition, large pieces of XLAM allow a lot of uses . For example, you can use porcelain stoneware for the design of bathroom and kitchen dashboards, work tables, countertops, covering appliances and kitchen furniture. 


Superfine ceramics as a sustainable product

There is an important factor to consider and it is related to the environment. Extra-fine ceramics is a highly sustainable product , since it requires less material to make each piece and less energy in its production. Therefore, the ecological cost of each piece is considerably less than that of a piece of normal thickness. 

Reforming your kitchen with SlimRect or XLAM is an ecological choice , because when you decide to reform your kitchen with extra-fine ceramic you will be contributing your grain of sand in the preservation of nature. 

Sustainability factors of extra-fine ceramic pieces:

  • The amount of fuel used is less, thus reducing the emission of gases into the atmosphere between 30% and 50%.
  • Less inks and less raw material are used.
  • There is a considerable reduction in the use of packaging, allowing a better fit, so that double sheets can be placed per box. This reduces the generation of waste such as plastic and cardboard.
  • Thanks to the fact that twice as many pieces can be transported in the same transfer, emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) are minimized.
  • It saves up to 50% of water consumption.

In summary, the manufacture of extra-fine ceramics in any of its formats has a lower impact on the environment , taking care of it, conserving it, optimizing energy savings, using fewer resources, avoiding the generation of acid rain, saving water, generating less waste, both in the manufacturing process and in the completion of the work or reform by the end customer. Therefore, extra-fine ceramic is the most ecological option and by choosing it you actively collaborate in the preservation of the environment. 


Superfine ceramic of small or large format?

Something that you should keep in mind regarding the use of small, normal or large format tiles is that the size of the kitchen is not a determining factor. That is, do not think that because it is a small kitchen the right thing to do is to reform it with tiles of normal or small format, since it is totally viable to use extra-large ceramic tiles of large format (XLAM). Even, sometimes, it is advisable to use large format tiles because they give the space a larger impression, creating an elegant and modern environment.


Benefits of reforming your kitchen with SlimRect superfine ceramic

In addition to the great appeal and elegance of SlimRect parts, the collections of this line of extra-fine ceramic wall tile provide the following benefits: 

  • The ceramic of the SlimRect line weighs less, is easier to handle, lay, cut and drill thanks to its thin thickness. 
  • The pieces convey nature and realism. 
  • Wide variety of unique designs.
  • Its collections offer the possibility of carrying out reforms in record time and in an efficient way. 
  • His pieces retain the mechanical and aesthetic qualities.
  • Saving of money in the transport of the pieces. 
  • They reduce installation time.
  • They maintain hygiene.
  • They generate a perception of continuity.
  • Increase the feeling of greater amplitude.
  • With fashion designs. 


Extra-thin ceramic collections of the SlimRect line


  • Tanzania:  The heat of the Savannah is the source of inspiration for this collection that, by mixing various tropical woods, is able to give the walls strength, character and energy. These qualities also allow the 6mm rectified wall tile to grant a visual effect and wood texture.
  • Wallstone:  this collection is characterized by the timeless beauty of quartzite stone. It comes in 29x89 format with a smooth base, a slight relief and subtle finish.
  • Chalk:  The Chalk collection is inspired by a plaster with a delicate relief of smooth bases and with two 3D decorations. One is Line, which creates a spike, and the other is Pop, which features decorative square-shaped motifs. Both sets together reflect small couplings of geometric figures.
  • Weser:  the loop-shaped reliefs make this collection stand out by giving an air of elegance, simplicity and originality to the spaces where it is used. It is presented in 40x120 format.
  • Orbit:  it is a collection formed by circles that refer to the movement of the planets. It is perfect for dressing the walls of minimalist and contemporary spaces.
  • Queens:  collection made of white paste in 29x89 format and 75x75 porcelain. It is made between a mixture of stone and cement, with a slight relief that provides firmness and strength. With Queens it is possible to give an environment a lot of personality.
  • Iceberg:  the decoration of this collection is a cubic relief that brings a dynamic and at the same time modern style.
  • Diverse: it  is a peculiar collection that despite being based on the retro style, has modern aspects. Gloss ceramics feature geometric patterns in light tones.

Iceberg 40x120

If you want to know more about the collections, I invite you to download the  SlimRect Catalog . 


Why use large-format extra-thin ceramic in the kitchen?

In the past, it was common to hear that large-format tiles, as opposed to traditional ones, were difficult to place. However, there are currently installation techniques that leave that belief behind. Now tiling is simple and fast.

There are compelling reasons to use the large-format and thin XLAM tiles in the reform of your kitchen and even in other rooms of your home. 

Among other advantages, it should be noted that, when working with larger pieces, the installation time of the tiles is greatly reduced.

In addition, large-format extra-thin ceramic is more hygienic, because as there are not many joints, fewer areas where dirt accumulates are achieved.

Thanks to the large size of the porcelain sheets, the number of pieces to be used is reduced, thus causing fewer clusters and, consequently, generating a greater visual effect of uniformity.

To this we must add that, the large format sheets are made of rectified joints, therefore, the division between one piece and another is practically invisible. If we want to increase the effect of continuity, the ideal thing is that the filling between pieces is made with a tone color similar to the sheet.

Large format tiles increase the feeling of spaciousness. So, if within your reform project you are making your kitchen look bigger than it is, prioritize choosing this alternative that will give you that visual touch that you are looking for.

Remember that large-format tiles are highly valued by architects and specialists of the contract channel to carry out large works and projects, since they meet all the technical and aesthetic requirements they need to achieve excellent results. So, keep in mind this option that is perfect to reform both your kitchen and any other place in your home. 

XLAM extra-large ceramic collections


  • Calacatta

Of the different marbles that exist, Calacatta stands out as one of the most valued, which is why it is part of one of the favorite series of decorators and architects to carry out their works.

The main characteristics of the Calacatta of XLAM are its white base that offers great luminosity, has few shadows and is accompanied by pieces with more defined veins than others. In itself, Calacatta conveys taste and luxury.

All the pieces are white, 6 mm and 10 mm thick and in 100x260 cm, 100x100 cm and 50x100 cm format.

  • Expression

It is a kind of sheet metal, made of iron and tin, very thin. Thanks to the fact that the elaboration of this series is carried out through the use of industrial sheets subjected to processes against oxidation and corrosion, it is perfect for coating minimal rooms.

The pieces of this series are of different colors, among them are ivory, titanium, white and pearl, all 6 mm thick and in formats of 100x260 cm, 100x100 cm and 50x100 cm.

  • Ageless

This limestone, belonging to the calcareous rocks, is mainly formed by calcite and minerals in few quantities such as clay and quartz.

Both the structure and the finish of this natural stone are petrosal, so that naturalness is its greatest virtue.

The colors of the pieces in this series are white, ivory, pearl and gray, some 6mm thick and others 10mm thick in 100x260cm, 100x100cm and 50x100cm formats.

  • Vulcano

Vulcano is a timeless, integrated cement with a very soft texture that has a structure that denotes great personality.

The pieces of the Vulcano series are available in the colors gray, pearl, white and ivory, some in 10 mm thick and others in 6 mm. The formats of this series are 100x260, 100x100 cm and 50x100 cm.

You have at your disposal an option with many benefits that will give your kitchen the change you are looking for: extra-fine ceramics, a way to reform the kitchen or any other room in the house in a short time, without investing a lot of money and contributing to The conservation of the environment.