White kitchens, modern kitchens

White kitchens, modern kitchens



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Looking for the perfect design for a wide, bright and avant-garde kitchen? White is the ideal solution to achieve a fresh and dynamic atmosphere in one of the rooms where we spend more time during the day. Would you like to know why?

Faenza Sanchis

White colour transmits light and feeling of spaciousness to the rooms. When designing a kitchen, it's important to take into account the available meters, as well as the furniture and appliances we have. A light and airy kitchen, in white, will be key to obtain the comfort that this stay requires.

Idole Sanchis

One of the trends that we can follow to get a modern, elegant and modern kitchen is the minimalist style, which continues to be in fashion this season. White is the king colour of minimalism and, combined with furniture with straight lines, smooth surfaces and simple structures, will help you to achieve a space where it can be breathed tranquility and relax.

Ageless Azulev

If you prefer to give an attractive appearance to your kitchen, don't hesitate to contrast the white of your walls and/or floors with strong and striking colours. The combination of these shades with white colour will achieve visually impact and obtain more daring and avant-garde results, in a warm environment.

Clarity Azulev

Accessories, tableware, appliances, furniture, curtains... The decoration of a kitchen in white allows multiple possibilities with other materials, such as wood, iron or glass. This colour will highlight any decorative element and will make it easier to include your personal touch in the kitchen.

Now that you've discovered all these advantages, do you dare to design a kitchen in white?