Wood Emotions, Azulev's porcelain parquet line

Wood Emotions, Azulev's porcelain parquet line



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Wood Emotions is the Azulev line that represents the central axes of our brand: the recreation of nature and respect for the environment. With the Wood Emotions line by Azulev, our firm pays tribute to the most beautiful, noble and elegant woods in porcelain format. 

With Wood Emotions porcelain wood tiles we can create unique and sustainable spaces, enjoying the unique beauty of the most noble and elegant wood without cutting down a single tree. 

In addition, Wood Emotions presents the exceptional characteristics of porcelain tiles: it does not wear out, easy maintenance, does not scratch and is fire resistant, among others. 

Tanzania, the fusion of tropical wood for all types of floors and walls

Recently presented at Cersaie, the Tanzania collection represents the energy and strength of the warm Savannah. Tanzania is a porcelain wood that offers clear and neutral tones, thanks to the fusion of different tropical woods. 

wood emotions wood porcelain parquet azulev Tanzania Natural
Tanzania Natural

This collection is presented in 20x120, in normal and non-slip finish, and in a new format: 25x150 . Both formats are designed to decorate the walls and floors of any room, providing a sense of spaciousness and integration of space. In addition, the two formats incorporate a slight relief that provides the texture of natural wood. 

The tile design without major color detonations, although with a grain variability, gives warmth to environments with any type of decoration, from the most minimalist, modern or vintage, to the most rustic or classic. 

wood emotions wood porcelain parquet azulev Tanzania Walnut
Tanzania Walnut

This collection, in addition to being part of the Wood Emotions porcelain parquet line, has also been designed for SlimRect , the line of extra-fine ceramic cladding, in a 40x120 format. 

Denver, detoned porcelain parquet

The Denver CollectionIt is a very detoned wood. Denver combines elegance and modernity in one piece. In addition, by itself it provides a strong personality and character to any type of stay. 

Denver is presented in the 20x120 format and in three colors: white, gray and blue. 

wood emotions wood porcelain parquet azulev Denver Blue Exterior
Denver Blue

Genuine, the classic parquet that never goes out of style

Elegance is the characteristic of the Genuine collection . This collection is presented in three colors: white, natural and ash , both in normal and non-slip porcelain finish, for all types of interior or exterior spaces that are normally exposed to water, such as the bathroom or terraces with or without a pool . 

wood emotions wood porcelain parquet azulev Genuine Natural non-slip
Genuine Natural non-slip

The boards of this porcelain wood, in 20x120 format, provide a stately and attractive style to the decoration of any room, interior or exterior. 

Oak, walnut and merbau with the Eternal collection

wood emotions wood porcelain parquet azulev Eternal Roble
Eternal Roble

The Eternal collection is the fusion of oak, walnut and merbau. The fusion of these three woods with a strong personality gives the boards a rustic and elegant look. 

The knots, streaks and cracks of the pieces enhance the marked character of each porcelain piece. Likewise, it is worth highlighting the adaptability of the Eternal collection to any type of space, from the most classic to the most modern environments. 

Avantgarde, the beauty of Austrian forests

The collection Avantgarde is inspired by Austrian forests. Both in its finish there is, as in maple, this collection stands out for its classic elegance and its great appeal. 

Avantgarde is presented in the natural color of each wood, maple and beech, as well as in gray, and in 20x120 format of rectified and non-slip porcelain. 

wood emotions wood porcelain parquet azulev Avantgarde gray
Avantgarde Gray

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Evoque, woods with vintage style for your floors

Evoque is the collection that can transport you to another era providing your spaces with a vintage air. This porcelain parquet is ideal for designing decorative environments in a rustic or urban style. 

The Evoque series, which is presented in 20x120 format, regenerates two woods: 

  • A pickled, painted white and aged. 
  • nut color, burned and treated. 
wood emotions wood porcelain parquet azulev Evoque Nut
Evoque Nut

Recall the 30s with the Vintage collection

The Vintage collection is a petrified wood very present in homes and buildings of the early thirties of the twentieth century. This air of the past, which gives the name to the collection, contributes to creating environments of rabid news, both for decorations with more traditional style and for more avant-garde environments. 

wood emotions wood porcelain parquet azulev Vintage Brown
Brown vintage

Vintage presents a petrified wood with multiple fossilized shades. This mixture of materials offers a very attractive and suggestive result to each piece. 

The series is presented in 20x120 format and the following colors: white, cream and brown. 

Rustic and soft wood with the Autumn collection

Autumn is a rustic and very soft wood . This series has a slight detonation and comes in two finishes: one normal for interiors and another non-slip for all types of exteriors. 

The collection, in 20x120 format, is designed in 3 colors: white, beige and gray. 

wood emotions wood porcelain parquet azulev Autumn Beige
Autumn Beige

Download the Azulev Wood Emotions Catalog here.