Azulev Grupo, recognized by the UJI

Azulev Grupo, recognized by the UJI



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Last December, Universitat Jaume I of Castellón paid tribute to entities cooperating with interships in the last 25 years. More than 62,000 students of this University have carried on training periods in companies and institutions since 1991. Azulev Grupo was one of the selected companies to collect this recognition, thanks to our collaboration for over 10 years hosting students.

As part of its 25th anniversary activities, UJI thanked all those entities that lend active support to the University collaborating on the training of pupils and recognised the task that, year after year, make all professional institutions and companies that receive and supervise interns.

Every year, 900 students of the University of Castellón choose to implement and complement the skills learned in their academic training with skills acquired in the workplace. Thus, they increase their chances of working in the field of their respective professions, including the international environment.

In the last 25 years, over 62,000 students have done interships in companies and institutions and external training periods remain the first channel of employment for about 25% of graduates from the Jaume I, a percentage that rises to 39% when we talk about international training.

Azulev Grupo will continue participating in this project for many years, focusing on qualified young people.