Project Azulev, S.A Internationalisation Plan for 2016, co-financed by IVACE and FEDER

Project Azulev, S.A Internationalisation Plan for 2016, co-financed by IVACE and FEDER



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During 2016, Azulev, S.A. has carried out the project entitled 'Internationalisation Plan of Azulev, S.A. for 2016', which has been co-financed by Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) and IVACE in its Pyme CV Internationalisation Plans (File ITAPIN / 2016/564), with a contribution of 22,425.22 euros.

Among the promotional or marketing activities carried out during 2016, included in the marketing plan supported by IVACE, we highlight:

  • Spending on advertising in foreign media. Azulev has participated in one of the most important magazines in the ceramic sector, specializing in the technical publication of pavements, coatings and equipment applied to architecture, interior design, bathroom and kitchen.
  • Participation in customer catalogs. We make contributions to customers by participating in their catalogs.
  • Technical conferences, events and promotional actions organised by customers' stores abroad. Our clients organise open-door events or days where they publicise the brands they sell, and Azulev participates in them.
  • Obtaining certificates of origin. For the commercialisation of products in some markets, the issuance of certificates of origin is required.
  • Registration of our brands in international markets. To market our products in countries outside EU, we must register the brand.
  • Accommodation and travel expenses. To carry out the subsidised promotion plan, the commercial team, in addition to attending international fairs, makes trips to the destination markets visiting customers with the aim of consolidating our brand.
  • Expenses of technical personnel in foreign trade. To develop the internationalisation plan supported by IVACE, we have a specialised export technician whose main objective is to boost sales and increase our presence in the target market included in the plan.