Latest novelties for Bath

Latest novelties for Bath



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Bath offers a new horizon of innovative decorative possibilities for contemporary bathrooms, with colours and textures that were impossible until now to achieve in bathroom equipment. The brand has in its catalogue a wide range of shower trays, bathroom furniture, surfaces, washbasins and bathtubs, in a large number of designs, finishes and formats. Discover its latest novelties!

Serie Structure: Mod 9, versatility and elegance

Mod 9 Structure

This first component of the new Structure collection of bathroom furniture stands out for its great versatility when it comes to adjusting to the needs of each space. Designed as a structure with legs, Mod 9 offers different possibilities of combination for countertops, shelfs, drawers and sinks.

In addition, it's available in different finishes (wood or lacquered) and colours and it has different accesories: auxiliary furnitures, mirrors and matching countertops.

Serie Structure: Mod 10, 10 in design and funcionality

Mod 10 Structure

The new Structure collection of bathroom furniture is characterised by the great versatility of its designs, without losing a bit of elegance and functionality. Mod 10 is a suspended bathroom cabinet that offers different possibilities for combining shelves, drawers, sinks and countertops and also allows you to select different materials and finishes.

Besides, we can complete it with a wide range of auxiliary elements such as mirrors, a wide variety of compatible countertops and complementary furniture.

Serie Structure: Mod 11, the elegance of straight lines in suspension

Mod 11 Structure

Like Mod 10, this suspended bathroom furniture that is part of the new Structure collection stands out for the elegance of its minimalist design based on straight lines. The same concept with two possibilities for the final client: smooth countertop with washbasin and countertop with skirt. Furthermore, it adds the possibility of cutomising it with different materials and colours.

And as it's usual in our range of bathroom furniture, Mod 11 of the Structure series also includes a wide range of mirrors, countertops and auxiliary furniture.

Serie NeoSolid: Deep, simplicity that captivates

Deep Bath

The new Deep countertop is part of the NeoSolid collection. Its simplicity is captivating in any of its combinations. Centred hollow, displaced hollow, double hollow... Deep adapts to the needs of each bathroom.

Serie NeoSolid Targa: the ideal mix between curves and straight lines

Targa Bath

The new Targa countertop washbasin stands out for its perfectly balanced design, which combines straight and curved lines with elegance. It doesn't go unnoticed!

Serie Colors: Piedra Light, elegance and robustness

Colors Bath

This shower tray, imitation of natural stone, is made of Gel Coat with special mineral charges that give it a great lightness: 30 % less weight than standard shower trays. In addition, it adds other advantages:

  • The reduction of 30 % in its weight allows it to be manipulated and installed more easily.
  • Despite its lightness, it keeps 3 cm thick.
  • Thanks to its level of torsion, the risk of possible bending is reduced when it's in a wrong position.

That is, we improve the resin plate.

Discover rapid and simple responses to refurbishment projects with Bath!