Kerfloat: the latest in pavements

Kerfloat: the latest in pavements



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Still you do not know Kerfloat? It is an innovative floating ceramic floor, whose self-adhesive male/female puzzle-like pieces make installation simple and quick. This system will allow you to renovate and install indoor flooring in record time, without need for messy building work, dust and rubble.

This new porcelain stoneware, with its revolutionary self-installing system, minimizes execution time and building works. Intended to be used only indoors, the recycled laminate has also excellent sound insulating properties. In addition, the lower substrate is made of elastic and fully recycled material, so it is a new contribution of Azulev Grupo in environmental responsibility and sustainable construction.

Thanks to this unique, exclusive and ingenious solution, the ITeC (Institute of Construction Technology) has recently conceded Azulev Grupo the ETA, the European Technical Assessment, a document providing information about the performance of a construction product, to be declared in relation to its essential characteristics.

Discover how to install Kerfloat in 4 easy steps:

  1. Level out and clean the floor carefully before beginning installation.
  2. Plan out the positioning of the pieces in accordance with the option chosen.
  3. Position and fit together the pieces, after removing the protective film from the fitted edges.
  4. Seal the joints with Kerastic grout and clean off any excess with a sponge and water.

Just fit and go!